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  We welcome your submissions to our press and to Healing Waters Journal.    Longer book manuscripts are not being accepted at this time since that part of our press is not up and running as yet.  However, if you've written a book already in print you'd like to add to our store please send me an email.  We would be glad to carry your book if it is appropriate and in line with the vision of HWP.

Please read about our
vision and mission statement at Healing Waters Press before submitting anything.  It is constantly evolving so reread it again if it's been a while since you've read it.   It is important you understand what HWP is all about.   Our publications are oriented towards a spiritual vision . . .  we adhere to this vision in regard to anything that is published in the press or its journal.  

We print only stuff relating to spirituality and healing for adults and children.  Art, poetry, fiction or nonfiction short stories and articles are acceptable if they are both 'spiritually' AND healing based.  By spiritual we do NOT mean religious.  If you don't know the difference, I suggest you don't submit.  

Child abuse stories are okay if done with sensitivity and without graphic language or imagery.   However, if you  do have something on child abuse, we suggest you submit to www.childabuse.org or http://www.transcendmag.com/realtalk.htm   There used to be a site called www.timetogetmad.org but it seems to be permanently down.  A real shame, it was a very nice site.  

Profanity or sexually explicit materials are obviously not something we ever want to encourage and therefore, is not acceptable in any form, so don't go there.  The exception is nudity in art which is tasteful and part of the expression of the artist.   Final call will be left to the HWP editors as to whether it is appropriate or not.

Email submits are okay.   WordPerfect or Word are acceptable.   Please include the body of the work within the email as well as an attachment.    Make sure to indent or separate your paragraphs.   If we get one long page of text, with no breaks, we can't really read it and it requires reedit which we're don't have the time to really do.  Someone else's work might get published before yours in this case, even if your work was considered superior.   Submits by mail are also accepted.  Please email query to get address.

Length and Word count:  In poetry, shorter poems are preferred but will consider longer pieces.  Short stories and articles should be kept in the 500 to 2400 word range.  If you go over that, we might consider splitting the story up into several editions, assuming it is a good story, but make sure you have natural breaks in the flow of the storyline.   A story that builds suspense can't be split into two without losing momentum.

We can't pay since we're a growing press and as yet, in the no-profits or low profits state.  So we're basically a non-profit at this point.   You will get a writing credit and the chance to see your work up there with other fine pieces of poetry and fiction.

If we accept a work, please do not send revisions AFTER it is accepted unless requested to do so, please!  A little is o.k., but don't expand the text or change the major elements of the story.   Simply let us know that you've decided it isn't finished yet and we'll delete our copy of it.

Please don't forget to include your BIO!   under 150 words is good.   We want readers to know who you are especially if you are submitting a story or article.  Also include any website link or e mail you want posted with your story.  

We will have non-exclusive, One-time Electronic (World Wide Web) Publishing Rights to your work, which revert back to you as soon as it has been published. Copyright remains yours at all times.