GrassRoots Jrl Poetry

Poets of the Earth

by James L. Harter, Sr.


The Hands of Success

You know,

on the one hand,

in order

to feel safe,

one must have the drive

to push oneself to the limit,

mustering all his strengths

and desires

to the fullest

all toward a predetermined goal.

He is in conflict

with himself

and with others

in his endeavors

to achieve that goal.

Once that plateau

is achieved,

he is usually satisfied,


his desires and drives

are engulfed with

greed, power, or ambition

to attain an even higher

or different goal.

He remains in the pursuit

of happiness.

However, on the other hand,

one who is coming

from the heart

and the mind

and the soul,

sees his safety

in his inner strengths,


and energies.

And his is true,


to himself.

He is a survivor

of a different kind.

He knows he is at peace

with himself

and with others.

And he knows he is

in harmony

with all the earth

and the stars

and the creatures of all worlds.

He feels

and sees

and knows

he is what he is.

And, he has pursued

and found happiness.

By James L. Harter, Sr.

(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl Fall 93)




By James L. Harter, Sr.

(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl Winter 94)

Poetry by James L. Harter, Sr., copyright 1994


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