Somewhere in Here

Somewhere in here
thoughts race like superhighways
in multiple laced mazes
of spaghetti western movies
bad guys around every bend
send out a posse to make them behave
and just when justice is meted out
and patience worn out
the hero rides away
who was that masked one?

Somewhere in here
the “what if” game is played
What if my summers were as carefree
as a school child's?
when exploring a new fishing hole
was the day’s highlight
instead of riding the sweatbox subways
of New York City in August

how I long for the simple pleasures in life
what if I didn’t have to work so hard
just to live in this most expensive city?

Somewhere in here
I must learn to be nasty
and this is the inhospitable place
for the nasty lessons
a tough one for me
the spirit of kindness
sometimes over reaching boundaries
others established with their egos
what does ego mean  anyways
knowing all the greatness  comes 
from some other source
perhaps a god?
there’s ways to make bucks with such knowledge
but one must be drenched in the ego.

Somewhere in here
the good prevails
happiness  is a  mind trick
of flushing out the nasty stuff
or minimizing the saurus
into a small nipping dog
who is there
but does not rule
one’s thoughts
one’s being.

Somewhere in here
life is forever Spring.

30 June 1995
@ Marylou Abbott


Building graphic above done in Photoshop by Shirl A. Steward.
Since Mary is an artist also, it will be replaced with one of her paintings.  Background is from a collage wall mural (author unknown).



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