Rabbitville . . .

a children's picture book 

by Toni Donelow Stewart 1961-2004






R  a  b  b  i  t  v  i  l  l  e

Toni Donelow Stewart

(a preschool picture-book)

Alternative title:  Seasons in Rabbitville

Sunday, October 27, 2002


Note:   The pictures here, except for the bunnies asleep in their beds, were not intended for this story but I've included them because they were bunnies pics of Toni and this is about a town full of bunnies.  She had special love for our furry friends.   If you look into the eyes of any of her creatures, you will see the joy and wonderment of childhood Toni gave all of her wonderful 'imaginary' creatures.





1.      There once was a town filled with rabbits.  It was called Rabbitville.

2.      Big rabbits, small rabbits, every size of rabbit lived in Rabbitville.

3.      The rabbits of Rabbitville came in all colors and all shapes.

4.      Some wore big hats, some wore small hats, and some wore no hats at all.

5.      There were singing rabbits, and teacher rabbits, and rabbits to wind the clocks.

6.      There were rabbits that grew gardens, and rabbits that lived in tree trunks (some lived down rabbit holes) and rabbits that lived in quaint little houses.

7.                7.      In the spring, there was a May Fair for all the rabbits of Rabbitville.  


                   8.       At the May Fair, some of the young rabbits danced around the May pole.


9.      There was word about the Easter Rabbit, but most had only heard of him in Rabbitville.

10.   In summer, there was the Summer Festival, and all the rabbits of Rabbitville spent the day sharing good foods and then later, stood around a huge bonfire in the summer evening sharing tales of their forebears.  They called it “finding summer,” and indeed they had found it.

11.   In the fall, the rabbits of Rabbitville would pick apples from the trees and store root vegetables like squash, and pumpkins and apples in their root cellars.  Some of the rabbits who were the best cooks would make wonderful pumpkin pies!

12.   And when the cold of winter set in over Rabbitville, the young rabbits would play in the snow, wearing knitted mitts and warm fuzzy coats to top their own fluffy furry ones.  They would make snow angels and big white snow bunnies, and drink hot chocolate by roaring fires when they came inside.

13.    Christmas-time was wonderful in Rabbitville!  The citizens would dress the village up in bright colors and decorate the trees with beautiful little ornaments everywhere. 

14.   It was a special time to be in Rabbitville . . . the children of Rabbitville happily fell asleep on Christmas Eve, snuggled up in their beds dreaming of Christmas Day.

15.    [Illustrated only -- Scenes of Christmas Day].



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