Starr "Twilight" Swartz

Starr with her husband Earl

Nov, 1948 - Aug,1999

Lady in Pink
 By Shirl A. Steward "To Starr" August 13, 1999

So often I've taken the phone
in hand without conscious thought
just to dial a certain number
which, alas, I shall never dial again,
for our dear lady in pink, Starr,
has left us now to make
that final journey home.
Funny, how she always seemed
to know what I didn't.
So fondly and so often
I remember her coaxing me,
"It's by your desk.  It's near
something blue, red,
high, but mostly it's very soft.
Could you find it if it were
attached to your head?",
She would playfully muse.
So often her clues saved me
from near catastrophe.
So often she'd spy
my glasses or my keys
hiding beneath something
my foggy eye lacked seeing.
She certainly had that nack,
Didn't she?  Only she could find
those misplaced maddening things
and put me back on track.
But it never failed to happen,
we always had a roaring laugh
at its elusive hiding place, exactly,
where I looked five times before
inside the purse it should have been . . .
But it wasn't just 'things'
her 'ability' could uncover.
She always had a smile,
always ready and eager she was
to share her unique gift
to tough everyone, it was a gift
of love given freely to any and all
of God's beloved, bewildered children,
who seemed lost on their way
through this life's puzzling maze.
Maybe, it's true, that she wasn't
always right or on every time
but still I'll never forget
the simple words
of wisdom she shared with me,
she always told the truth
the way she saw it in her heart
even when it hurt, sometimes she knew
only the truth can fully heal a wound
and set us free . . .
Alas, perhaps, only a few of us can
realize that the truth
she gave was a very precious gift,
a rare opportunity to change
our own reality and a rare glimpse
into our own personal identity
yet to be born.
She gave to all a part of the beauty
that was her soul's simplicity
a flame born of pure light.

I am sad that any saw it for
any less than the perfection
that it was.
Yes, a seer she was, and I
put on the record, Starr
was one of the best.
But, for me, most of all,
she was my friend.
I liked her for that simplicity
and beauty that made her
the shing Starr I saw.
She really cared about going
the extra mile for others.
Although often she claimed she didn't,
because her heart was aching
and sometimes she didn't feel
so worthly of being loved
but how worthy she truly was.
See, it bothered her, all the people
who didn't care about each other
and those people who thought
she hadn't tried her best,
when, in fact, she did.
Too, I remember special moments
with a very special lady,
so often laughing,
just the two of us, just talking about
whatever came to mind
sometimes long into the night
it would run . . . oh, most fun.
I'm so pleased we had that time.
I"m glad we got to go
to some places she'd rarely been,
to the city for a girl's day out,
to Collincile to meditate amongst
the wondrous ancient seabed stones,
to New Hope for lots of days of just
hanging out and being who we are,
and the may fairs to sell
our many services and wares,
Yes, how I'm going to miss
the moments I spend with you
simple lady in pink,
best of dearest friends.
She was a find lady
who loves her husband Earl
most well,
who together birthed a son,
Steffen, her favorite 'bum'
and beloved one.
This find lady had an affinity, a love
for our winged friends,
the butterflies, the Cardinals,
the angels, with whom she=s
flying now, and of course,
she loved the stars
for which she's given name,
all of these could be seen

on any bright sunny day
dangling happily somewhere
in her home, of course,
not far from our lady Starr.
Too she loved singing
Amazing Grace with a lady
of that name and
with whom she shared
her day of birth.
Her life was full
of merriment and mirth.
But let us not forget her
love of the color pink.
I swear I see her standing
before me in that color now.
It makes me smile
to know your safe in heaven=s hand.
Still we're going to miss you,
goodbye dear friend,
dear lady in pink.
And every time I look afar
into the sky and see a twinkling
point of light, I'll think of you,
my favorite "Starr."

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