The Puddle . . .

a children's story

by Toni Donelow Stewart 1961-2004




Chick by Toni Donelow StewartChick by Toni Donelow Stewart

Written and Illustrated

by Toni Donelow Stewart 1961-2004

© Feb 6, 2004



t rained, and it rained and it rained, and then it rained some more. It just rained too much! Even for Mrs. Duck and her little ducklings, who found a nice little dry spot under a tree to keep warm, and even dry.  Not even ducks like that much rain!

            They were a curious sight too. Especially when Mrs. Duck began to to keep her little ducklings entertained since  they had grown tired of entertaining themselves.

            She hopped up and down and smiled and laughed.

            And she danced!  To a tune she made up as she went.

            The ducklings were obviously enjoying themselves but the rain wasn’t stopping.

            On looking out from beneath the shelter of the tree, one could see that it was raining everywhere, and Mrs. Duck was sure it would eventually flood everything, and maybe even wash it all away.

            But by noon on the second day, when the ducklings were at their most restless, the rain stopped and the sun came back out again.

            “Look Mama!” Said the oldest duckling, Silly, as he stretched his little neck out from under the tree and looked at the sky. “The rain has stopped!”

            “Yes Dear, I see! Now we may finally go back out into the light again!”Chick3 by Toni Donelow Stewart

            Just then, as if directed to do so, all six yellow ducklings lined up behind their mama and smiled, and played and were showing their happiness on being able to leave the small world they had found while under the shelter of the tree.

            Soon, Mrs. Duck began to waddle out the ‘door’ of the shelter with all of her little ones following closely behind.  The ducklings continued to quack and squeal and now were walking playfully under the fresh sunlight and free-running breezes all around them. 

            Happiness! There were no more dark, foreboding skies and best of all, no more lightning cracking thunder!

            They were free!

            They continued to walk behind mama in their straight line, heading for the edge of the pond where they lived.

            However, the mama duck and her little ducklings had a bit of a walk before they would actually get back.

            They approached more trees and climbed over a hill, and weren’t far from their destination when Mama stopped short in front of a big mud puddle.

            “This isn’t the pond, Mama!” Silly spoke up again.

            “I know Silly, but I want to show you how much fun a single mud puddle can be!” Her eyes twinkled and sparkled at the little yellow ducklings.

            The little ducks looked at her curiously.

            “Why, Mama, what is so special about an old mud puddle?” Said one of the ducklings in the rear of the little group.

            “Oh, it’s not just any old mud puddle Dears!”

            The ducklings looked closer trying to see what was so different about this mud puddle.  It appeared just like any of the other ones they’d ever seen.

            “Why Joey, this one IS special.” She replied quickly.

            “It is not just a mud puddle, it is a mud puddle after the sun comes out!”

            “Oh Mama!” Joey whined, because anyone could see that!

            Rather than explaining further, Mrs. Duck simply jumped into the puddle and looked up at the sunny sky above them.

            “See? No rain pelting down on your face!”  She jumped up and down, her lovely webbed feet splashing each time they made contact with the water.

            She flapped her wings and sent water drops and splashes and spray into the little group of yellow ducklings, who just laughed at their funny mama!

            In an instant, they joined her, frolicking in the cool water.

            “Oh Mama!  This is FUN!” Quacked one.

            “I told you!” Mama smiled and moved off to the side to make room for the ducklings to spread out and play.

            They continued splashing and splashing, and playing and playing until most of the water disappeared from the little puddle, and they were starting to get muddy.

            “That is okay children, we aren’t far from the pond now, you may wash off when we get there!” She smiled at seeing her adorable little baby ducklings splattered with mud and enjoying the whole event.

            Soon, they continued their journey toward the pond. Mama said that was where Papa would be waiting.

            And sure enough, there he was, waiting for their arrival.

            After that, the little ducklings weren’t so fearful of storms and asked many times throughout that day, as to when more rain would come so they could go back to play in the special puddle.