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photos I found on Toni's old online Photo Album . . .

My artist and bestfriend, Toni Donelow Stewart (1961-2004)

The two boys are her sons, Jeremy and Bryan.


Toni's photo album



Toni on webcam.  It was a raining day in December.   Webcam never made either of us look very good.  Ha!


The smiling webcam girl.  Toni we love you! Toni feeling pretty good and smiling at a guy.  What else?  Toni just being silly as usual.  Toni cooling off in the heat.





Toni as a little girl  

An old Toni grade school pic and that other's with her dad I think.


The painting in the middle here done by Toni is of her

and her sister Sharon.    She also had a brother.  .



 Well, I think the lady is pregnant here AND with great blond dye job, too!


  I think this was Toni getting ready to go out on the town.Yes, Toni I think you're pretty.Pensive Toni at the computer on chat . . . same as always.


Toni loved taking pictures




Now, why did you keep this one?   It's not your best side, Toni.Are you flirting with that silly man again Toni? 

 Toni showing off her work in progress for the raptor book.

 Toni showing off her tiger.This was Toni's really cool white tiger.   




Those glasses never did anything for you.  We love you anyway Toni.Didn't I say you were cute already?


A real nice pic of Toni.I think this was right after Toni moved into her new apartment in Port Huron.  Happy to be far away from the EX.Toni loved taking pictures.The picture I remember most . . . Toni always had this one on her site.




 I think this was a head shot of Toni from high school.Toni as teenager with one of her cats.I like this picture but it doesn't look like Toni.


Toni as a blushing bride.

Toni on her wedding day.

A really lovely picture of Toni.  She got that operation to correct her vision a few years back.Sweet lovely Toni as I like to remember her . . . wistful and dreamy.


Toni in August, 2000


Things were always great as long as Toni had the boys.


A Toni Donelow Stewart illustration of raptors for a friend's book.                 Another Toni Donelow Stewart illustration of raptors for a friend's book.  

A Toni photo album is not complete without some of her 'babies.'  LOL 

These are the raptors, Painter Squirrel and Moto-mouse (below).



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 more pics of Toni and her boys





We miss you Toni!  We love you!

If you knew Toni and loved her too, PLEASE write us.  Tell us your stories! 

I'd like to post those thoughts here.