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photos I found on my computer or on Toni's old websites. . .

My artist and bestfriend, Toni Donelow Stewart (1961-2004)

The two boys are her sons, Jeremy and Bryan.




Toni's photo album of

her kids and friends





Jeremy and Bryan halloween 2004 (I think)



Jeremy and Bryan at the cemetery



New Port Huron homestead and "new" used car.  A proud son points them both out

as well as the on the back window sticker.  

I think Toni was trying to sneak in an ad,you think?   LOL




Jeremy relaxing in the new Port Huron homestead.




Jeremy and Bryan with cousins




That's Bryan on the side of the screen and me on the webcam. 
Thank God I'm not viewable!! I was a wreck.  LOL


Not sure who this is but it's probably Jeremy.  I'm sure Bryan will correct me if I'm wrong



Jeremy and Bryan just being silly.




     Bryan and Jeremy Stewart, Toni's two sons a few years back

Bryan Stewart, Toni's oldest son

Some random shots of Bryan and Jeremy, one with Toni.


One of the family kitties Dec 3rd 2003


Bryan with new kitty


Jeremy with the new kitty

No kitty!  You can't use the computer without supervision!.


Proud son display the issue of BlueRoot

containing his mom's article.





Portrait of Bryan at 6 months by his mom.



 Jeremy Stewart, mom's art and photo.  Will the real Jeremy please stand up?





Jeremy, Bryan swimming in the lake near home in Port Huron, MI







Oh jeez.  She's at it again . . . never enough pictures for Toni.





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We miss you Toni!  We love you!

If you knew Toni and loved her too, PLEASE write us.  Tell us your stories! 

I'd like to post those thoughts here.





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