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photos I found on my computer or on Toni's old websites. . .

My artist and bestfriend, Toni Donelow Stewart (1961-2004)

The two boys are her sons, Jeremy and Bryan.



Toni's photo album of

her kids and friends continued . . .




Bryan and Jeremy with their dad




 Bryan with his dad



Jeremy with ceramic flower in hand.



 Bryan while moving out of the old house




Bryan playing an instrument in school orchestra



Bryan with the school orchestra -- that's him in the front row




Toni's booth at a local show.  Her sons, Bryan and Jeremy, are in the center.



One of the family kitties


Getting some shut eye after the big move.






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We miss you Toni!  We love you!

If you knew Toni and loved her too, PLEASE write us.  Tell us your stories! 

I'd like to post those thoughts here.

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