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photos I found on my computer or on Toni's old websites. . .

My artist and bestfriend, Toni Donelow Stewart (1961-2004)

The two boys are her sons, Jeremy and Bryan.



Toni's photo album of

her kids and friends continued . . .




Bryan school photo




 Jeremy with Kenny (friend of the family)



 Jeremy and Toni (Jeremy is on Kenny's motorcycle)



Bryan with another of the family kitties.





 Jeremy sitting at his school desk



Jeremy with a friend 'camping' and braving the wilds of the back yard




 More braving of the wilderness by Jeremy and friend.



Next morning in the backyard wilderness



Bryan and friends posing silly on the beach of Port Huron, MI



I'm not sure who the sand mer-man is but my guess in Bryan






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We miss you Toni!  We love you!

If you knew Toni and loved her too, PLEASE write us.  Tell us your stories! 

I'd like to post those thoughts here.

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