Toni Donelow Stewart, July 4th, 2000  Toni Donelow Stewart Illustrations  
Photograph of Toni Donelow Stewart, 4th of July 2000...without glasses! :)  Part of Toni Donelow Stewart's palette of Winsor-Newton Liquid Watercolors (Designer Set).  Toni also uses Koh-i-noor Rapidograph Technical Pens for her ink-work.
Some of Toni's last commissions and projects . . .

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"Meet Painter Squirrel!"  Book (was in progress)   

          "Haunted Harry and His SideKick, Sam" (story was in progress)

"The Little Flyer" book (was in progress)

"The Children of Nyah:  Captives of the Sea" (story Toni was writing)    
  "The Dragon Kids" (story Toni was planning to write)

(NOTE:  The lighter version of this was used by
and isn't being used now.   I must assume this is because of Toni's death.  
I am not sure.  It is a great tragedy.  It's a beautiful piece of work.)



Unfinished On Spec Drawing for The Fairy Tear by PapaDave Barry -- This  Illustration (c) 2001 by Toni Donelow Stewart, all rights reserved.  Possible Illustration for a book! (c) 2001 by Toni Donelow Stewart, all rights reserved on image.


 Donkey (sketch), (c) Copright 2001 by Toni Donelow Stewart, all rights reserved.


Last update                                                                                      Final update!
The White Tiger "Tobar" of The Raptor Saga
 (was a work in progress of Toni's)***

   ILLUSTRATION FOR THE RAPTOR SAGA, Sinjin tackling a raptor -- PROGRESSION nearly completed, 12-13-2001

Raptor Cover UPDATE   
Note:   The lost of the raptor project didn't phase Toni.  She just turned her attention to creating her own raptor books.   She completed some of the drawings for some new stories but as far as I know, she did not complete any manuscripts as such. 
                                                      ~ Shirl A. Steward

Aramus & The Princess BlackStar, work in progress (c) Copyright 2001 by Toni Donelow Stewart, all rights reserved.  (        


    Aramus and The Princess BlackStar


(FLAMES need a bit more work!)   This picture is meant to depict an unprepared, but quick-thinking/keeping her wits about her Lady Liberty, (using her natural resources?), shoving her torch into the mouth of a terrorist shark ... This picture 'came to me' throughout the sadness of the day of September 11th, 2001 and begged to be put on paper.  
-- Toni Donelow Stewart




All works featured on this site that are by Toni Donelow Stewart,
are Copyright and property of her heirs (her two sons) all rights reserved. 
All proceeds from sales on her work rightfully belong to them.  Since I am not at liberty
to sell anything at this time, I ask you respect their rights . . .
Please enjoy what she has done without copying or reproducing anything.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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