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Spirit Dreamer by Shirl A. Steward



Violet flame burning bright
Transmuting all into light.
Accepting both the light
And the dark, merging
Them into the human heart.

I walk the middle way. In
Gods power day by day.
Accepting all that “IS”
Being in the present where
God lives.

All that I have and all that
I am are manifestations of
God’s divine plan.

I am balanced, healthy, wealthy,
And whole, manifesting God’s
Great promise as Christ foretold.

Today, moment by moment
I lovingly will, to will, My will
To Thy will. Allowing God’s
Divine plan to fulfill…. NOW!

Master Kumara & The Brotherhood
Channeled by GlaDienne “CiBelle of The One Heart♥”
© 2000

Know Thy Self
(Daily Prayer to be used with the Divine Plan)

Dear Lord give me your Grace to look within.
Help me to watch my thoughts, words, and deeds
for they will be my guide within on this journey.
All these are but a mirror to the darkness that lives within me.
All these things are things that I want to forgive and love.
Only then will I be set free to see the light within myself and others.
Only then will I have your Joy, Love and Peace. Amen.

GlaDienne “CiBelle of the One Heart♥” ©2004

CiBelle in a radiant glow

Cibelle of the One Heart




Starseed & the Journey Home

I slipped away--
I shed my body
and became a dream.

Without breath to hold me down
I soared higher
than all that I have ever known.
As the earth parted
beneath my feet
strangely, I understood...
Star seed
I am the dream
and the dreamer.

By Lynn


All the Things I Wished to Say
Before I was Silenced...

Like the moon rising
in an empty night
there were no stars,
no words to express
my thoughts reaching out to you.

Time is the fragility of mortals
whose lives end so abruptly
breaking like crystal stars
crushed by darkness.

My solace is to know
that eternity
is to love so deeply
that even death
cannot pry the moon
from the night.
Or close the sky
on two stars
destined to
shine together.

By Lynn


The Nine Poem

I never have to fear because
I am cradled in Your hands
Your voice is firm
yet I hear the softest whisper--
You are my creation, I adore you
Cradled in Your hands,
just as I was on the day of my creation
the smallest spark of life
protected, loved.

I never have to be alone
Your arm is draped over my shoulder
We walk side by side
Sharing an exciting journey called life
There is no time past, present, or future
that is the wrong time
every aspect of the Universe is
a manifestation of Your love, Your power
wonderfully made.

In the midst of sorrow, crisis
I only need to climb
into Your great, big hands
to be safe
When I am strong enough
to walk on my own
my shadow will be lighted by Your presence
For You are my Lord,
there has never been a day
that we have been apart.

By Lynn

now that you've read her poetry,
here's Lynn . . .

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it got html-ified somehow and had been irretrievable LOL)


Let Light Shine Through

Relative to Light is darkness

I too have come from the darkness
to see what Light looks like
I am happy that i have come to see the light
and embrace and thank god everyday for my triumph.
However I feel sad, for people who have gone
in circles and circles and circles
never knowing that there is another side
to the darkness that they exist in.

So even if it is a family member,
my good friends,
people I know or I dont know
then I pray and pray.

And pray once more
a hundred times
for light to shine through.

The shell encasing the darkness
may it break open and finally  
let light
t h r o u g h.

by Dolf Cheng
found by Lynn

The Question

In the blink of an eye
a moment shall have passed
a year, a sec, a lifetime
have you stopped and asked THE question?

I did and still AM,
this has lead me to open my eyes
which then lead
to the opening of my mind then
to my heart, my soul, my spirit
soar bird, swim fish
we are only limited
to what we THINK we are

So in this passing of time,
a year, a sec, a lifetime
I'm glad I did pause and stop and rewind,
re-wonder about THAT question

soar fish, swim bird
LIMITLESS, we finally are
I finally AM

By Dolf Cheng



The Old Days.... 

The days of Avalon are gone with the Mists.
Though the words of The Goddess still fall from my lips.
Her Love, Her Light, Her ways of The Old...
Are gone to this world that has grown so cold.
Cold as the steel that cuts down the trees.
This world will never understand what Love truly means.
Darkness gave birth to the Light we see above.
Darkness gave birth to the Land that we Love.
But Darkness is used for evil and hate...
only seen as black...
not the colors it creates.
As misunderstood as the words that i speak.
I fear True Love & Light has already been beat.
But as hopeless & helpless as this battle seems.
It runs through my veins like a wildfire of dreams.
I stand strong within myself * for what i believe.
I speak with Truth and a Passion that will never leave.
If i have to walk alone in the Shadow of my Light,
then so be it...
but i will continue my fight.

~Lady LiL~
© 2003


My Alabaster Jar


Oh the tangled webs we weave to find out who we are,

There’s got to be more to life than this outrage and Holy war.

If many of “them” had their way, we’d all be living in a jar.

Looking from the inside out.

Wondering what it’s all about.

Is that all there is to this life that we live?

Learning to take, not learning how to give?

Well I refuse to sit by and be part of this

jarred up life that they want Me to live!


I began to rock the jar around

it tipped and it shook until it hit the ground.

And when I looked down at that jar

I saw the shattered reflections of Myself.

I picked up each one and took a look,

I studied and learned Her just like a book.

Tried each one for size and said hello…

It had been so long since I had seen that glow.


Where it came from, I knew not.

For it came from Me, but I forgot.

I had seen only war and violence and hate.

I had forgotten how to love, feel and create.

But the longer I looked at the reflections in the jar,

I began to realize I hadn’t gone so far.


I started to gather Myself up in My hands,

And started My Path to discover My Land.

I carried Me gently, I threw Me down, I stomped

Myself down to the ground.

I poked and I prodded,

I studied and learned,

Until finally one day…My Wings I had earned.


‘Tis this day I came to realize…

All the time the answers were in My own eyes.

I laid Myself gently down on the ground,

And this is where My Alabaster Jar was found.


© Lady LiL 2004




Storms of destruction, suffering and pain.

One sits and wonders what there is to gain.

Death and destruction brings rebirth and life…

But must it be so gruesome, innocence suffering in strife?


The Earth creates Her own cremation ground,

Drowns us in Her Love,

Teaches us to keep our eye out for the White Dove.

Tests of Faith and Strength and Will,

Tests of the people, how will they pay The Bill?


Anger, desperation, violence and pain,

Will the message be heard…?

Or is it all still done in vain?

Prayers for Hope,

Prayers for Strength,

Prayers for Peace to lead the way.

Prayers for compassion, healing and love,

Prayers on the Wings of the Crystal White Dove.


~Lady LiL~

© 9-01-2005


 Lily lost, Lily lost cry no more


Lily lost, Lily lost come to shore
Come with me and follow my lead
Come with me and we'll plant some seeds
Some seeds of Faith and Love and Trust
Some seeds that wont tarnish, ruin or rust
Come with me and we'll plant a garden
Of soft pretty flowers that will never harden
They wont harden or crack or ever go away
And in that garden you can come and play
So come ashore and take my hand
Lily lost, Lily lost, stay in my land.
Lady Lil ©2002



Michael Lamas
of Starbuilders


Intimate Relationships

The phrase "intimate relationships" can evoke warm and deep emotional feelings. Some kinds of these relationships though can be cold and decidedly distant. Those would fall into either the "co-dependent" or the "I'm-so-out-of-here" category. Read the rest of this article

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WE Needlework made by WE Founder Liz Nelson

WE Needlework made by

WE Founder Liz Nelson


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Okay, here's the long story shortened as I promised!  . . . .

I had volunteered to do a FREELY distributed e-book/webpage for creative works of an email-based discussion forum to which I had belonged. This group was supposed to be dedicated to the memory of an organization called WE International (now defunct).  Well, actually I do NOT belong any more because I was kicked out of the group for suggesting free distributing and also for pointing out a few basic facts.   LOL  Yes, it was hard for me to be believe I had been removed for being generous or simply being honest.  It turned out the president of the organization had recently published a book of 'WE' member stories and didn't like me horning in on her territory (potential profits or whatever).   I discovered on further research that, along with some other questionable activities,  she had taken full author's credit rather than the editor's credit she was entitled to . . .naturally I felt obligated to point out to other members the simple fact that . . . no matter how much editing is done, the right to authorship always remains with the story's creator.  In other words, an editor is editor and nothing but  an editor.   Of course, this did not go down well and you-know-what hit the fan.   Anyway, I wouldn't want to be in this lady's shoes when more of the stories' real authors find out what she has done.   Yes, a few already know.  If you were one who contributed and would like more information, please contact me privately.   In retrospect, I don't think she did it to be mean or dishonest.  She needed a way to make a living and the books were selling well.

Anyway, nonetheless . . . moving on here.   Many of the group members liked my idea so a few of us have decided to form a new e-group and a separate page for creative contributions of anyone who wished to participate.   Then, we'd see where it went from there.   I have also invited anyone from WE to make contributions of articles on spiritual topics as well.  

We needed a new name for this new group and my first thought was what you see at the top of this page.   The little "e" stands for evolved and empowered.   In other words, WE taken to the next level of consciousness.  The "WE" part, as defined by the organization WE Int'l, stands for 'Walk-ins for Evolution' although HERE, however, it can stand for many different things . . . just WE as in we, we the ETs (thought I'd get you on that one LOL) and, my favorite as mentioned above, we the evolved and empowered!!  The point is I do not wish to limit this page to walk-ins.

We have gotten our first contribution so I will shut up and post.   If you're a WE member or feel you vibrate to the energies of this page or the e-group, please write us!   Membership in the group is free.

Liz Nelson, Founder of WEP.S.  Although, not associated with WE except for the fact that many of us here were members, WEe Create will strive to remain faithful to the memory and vision of the late WE Founder, Liz Nelson.  Her goal was to unite walk-ins and starseeds from all walks of life and from all over the globe.  May her soul be blessed for the many  contributions of love she gave to the world.  Liz left us and made her transition to spirit on Jan 9, 2001.




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