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Poems By Andy & Judy Wright

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--above graphic made by Shirl A. Steward


Spring . . .
   Yeller . . .
       Pink . . .
          Chartreuse . . .
               Pink . . .
                   Green . . .
                        Water . . .
                              Baptism . . .
                                    Love . . .
                                        Me . . .
                                             Earth . . .
                                                Sun . . .
                                                     Thanks . . .

                                        -- By Andy Wright 

(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Summer 95


I startled a colorful, white-tufted bird
who flew off with great excitement.
In the woods far from us
a huge bird left a huge nest,
flapping slowly,
then glided like a living sailplane
away from us.
Beneath a cloudless, purpling sky,
birdwatchers' glasses on weary shoulders,
we turn our back, our souls rich,
towards soft chairs and a roaring fire.
The yellow candle flames
and the companionship
will make the cold black refreshing
outside later.

We turn our back, our souls rich
a large silver and blue moon
invites . . .
I peer through my hawk's eyes . . .
Birds!  Small birds!  I exclaim,
and we all look.
Aas far as we can see, a cloud of birds
strugles through the air.
One of us thinks he can see occasional specs
without binoculars.
Millions of them ate and drank
and rested somewhere not too long ago,
and are now going north
to somewhere else better
A force of nature,
they make no smoke
destroy nothing.
take food and water
provided for them by nature's balance
and fly by on a wind
a little over our heads.
What else lies beyond the abilities of my everyday eyes
under the hiss
within my ears
unknown, uncounted, whole upon the earth
or the sea or the shore?


By Judy Wright (as published in the "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Summer 95)

by Andy Wright and Judy Wright., copyright 1995


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