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by Cindy Brandt

Poets of the Earth

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Standing strong, seemingly immobile

yet yielding to nature’s way.

Without boasting of strength

without resistance

Not hindering or helping, you beckon

Welcoming all to climb to the top.

By Cindy Brandt

(As published in the "Poets of the Earth", GrassRoots Jrl Summer 93)


Commentary:   THE LADDER

Imagine climbing a ladder to reach the top of your house. Is it standing on something that it may serve you? Is it resting on something else that it may guide your step? At the top, could you say you do not need the ladder to descend? If you believe it is standing on a physical being then you will see them as controlling your support. If it is resting on someone, you will believe they direct your path.

Walk with those forces which enhances your perspective of life. You have the Gift to know what has the power!!!!

By Cynthia Brandt

(commentary as published in Aug 1992 GrassRoots Jrl: note: the last two sentences were added by me.)


All Poetry/Commentary by Cindy Brandt

copyright 1992



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