Dave Pilz

David (The Oracle) Pilz


Dave has been a personal friend of mine (Shirl A. Steward) for a number of years.   I can say with much confidence that Dave is genuine in every way and I greatly admire his talents, his sincerity and dedication.  His rates may seem high to some of you but please remember it is on an individual basis plus his rates are in Canadian dollars.  He spends as much time with you as is needed and his advice is truly priceless.

 Dave is an author, instructor, consultant, shaman and an expert in the field of metaphysics and paranormal phenomena. He has been a moderator of an worldwide discussion group (subscribe here ) since 1996.  He is currently one of North Americas only recognized and scrutinized extreme paranormal investigators.   He recently joined forces with Ava Curtola to provide holistic workshops, seminars, personal metaphysical training, retreats, and many other public and private events.

He writes advice columns for many regional newspapers and magazines.   He has been on numerous National TV broadcasts as host, co-host, or on screen talent and is frequently co-host on live national or local radio talk shows plus being featured in many national interviews and spotlights. He was using the name "The Oracle" as a nickname and trade name for many years before The Matrix discovered it.

Currently his company Extreme Investigations is putting together video documentaries on mysterious paranormal investigations from around the globe for use in a network weekly television series .   This effort was greatly enhanced by the compiling of actual events into video and audio archives started by Dave four years ago.   Many include successfully retrieved evidential footage during actual investigations with OTTV's crew.  These and ongoing investigations involve such phenomena as UFO’s, alien culture, Sasquatch, Cadborosaurus, Crop Circles, and Hauntings.

Check out Dave's site and get the latest scoop on the paranormal   Also check out the many items he has that can enhance both your spiritual and psychic development