Dave "The Oracle" Pilz 

author, psychic consultant & paranormal investigator


The Metaphysical Manual inspired from The Metaphysical Development 101 instructed by the author David "The Oracle" Pilz.  Here it is! The long awaited manual on how to develop and enhance your own metaphysical awareness.  Learn how to use all the divination tools and techniques like a pro!

THE METAPHYSICAL MANUAL by David "The Oracle" Pilz
Item Number: MPM_DavePilz
Price: $20.00

Item Number: MPM_DavidPilz
Price: $20.00


UNIVERSAL LIFE MEDITATIONS by Ava Curtola R.N. & David "The Oracle" Pilz
Item Number: ULM_DavePilz
Price: $20.00



Heal with these peaceful MEDITATIONS OF LIFE by Doreen and Ava - learn the process of letting go! Set to mellow music and soothing nature sounds, these empowering, original visualizations have assisted listeners in finding a place of peace and stillness. It is our intention for you to discover a deep connection to your spirit.

Item Number: MOL_Doreen/Ava (Pilz)
Price: $20.00


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