GrassRoots Jrl Poetry

by Diana Sutliff

Poets of the Earth

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I want to be around

when they’ve finally found

life in outerspace; a new race;

Someone, something to meet, to greet;

Someone to walk with, to talk with,

A new kind of life. How it could,

how it should change us,

Our little world, to be hurled

Into a new way of living, of giving

Thought to something new,

A fresh view for us all,

And a chance to advance to GO –

To speak with them, seek with them

Other worlds.

Where the face of the human race

Will be fine and strong;

Where we’ll belong

Among the stars.


By Diana Sutliff

 (as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Winter 94)

Poetry by Diana Sutliff, copyright 1994


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