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My Hill, McPherson, Browne and Teague Family Lines
With the help of my cousin Richard Wayne Fowler, I have accumulated a huge list of 'possible' direct and indirect ancestors, some even dating back to the time of the Vikings.  Unfortunately, in going back so far the likelihood of error does increase.  After a while even some of the best researchers (excluding you Richard) might mistake hearsay, if repeated in 'questionable' type records enough times, and label it as verifiable fact.     Interestingly, though, with each generation going back our linear grandparents exponentially increase by a factor of two with each passing generation.  That means by the 10th generation back, we would each have about 512 great grandparents.  This assumes there is no intermarriage.   This, of course, is a huge assumption.   But it also means that the likelihood of being related to one's neighbor by a distance relative is also more possible . . . as is being related to royalty.  

As such,  I found I was related to at least half of the English kings.   I think, thought, it is not a surprise considering the fact that the huge populace of offspring generations from royalty and other elitists groups , as well as all others settling in the new Americas experienced an exceedingly high rate of intermarriage among first cousins.   For instance I have a second great grandfather who is also my third great grandfather.   His daughter married his sister's son.  And, THAT was just the beginning of the interweaving he created within our tribe.  By multiple marriage, he somehow managed to marry into both my mother's and father's lines.   That was Asa Forgy.  Quite a story because marrying first cousins was an acceptable practice until very recent times.

I'd to take a moment and again thank Richard and also offer him my apology.  I am about to move and have been out of touch.  I know you have probably done an excellent job, as always, on finishing the Teague family compilations.  I hope to catching up with you soon.   And, hopefully I did not cause you too much of a hold up.  
I am reluctant to post all my records just for the sheer bulk of it.   So I will confine myself to major connections.   If anyone has any questions, please email me at healingwaterspress@hotmail.com.  If I don't get back to you right away, remember I am in the process of moving.

sorry this is under construction too so th.
Hill, Browne and Carpenter Families of England

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