Frogs ain't rubber bands

a children's story (written for Jeremy Stewart)

by Toni Donelow Stewart 1961-2004





Awesome frog pattern on scarf cloth and frog gifs below, all author unknown




Frogs ain't rubber bands

Written and was to be Illustrated by Toni Donelow Stewart

This story, rewritten as originally told to Jeremy Stewart.


    “Hello there, my name is Freddie the Froglet!”

            “Yes, I am a frog, but I like to think of myself as a froglet.”

            The bluish, greenish froggy with big purple spots all over his body, said, standing near the edge of the pond’s waters.

            “And I can bet you’re wondering why my arms and legs are soooo long for this little body, too, aren’t ya?"

            The smiling children he was speaking to nodded in unison.

            “Well, have to tell you, it’s a strange story, it is.” He went on.

            “Tell us, please?” A little boy with dark blonde hair asked sweetly.

            The silly looking frog reached up and scratched his chin thoughtfully, with a webbed finger.

            “Well, it was a nice day much like this one.  I was barely just over being a tadpole, when this big old wagon came rolling down the path there—in that very spot over there you see it?” Freddie pointed in the direction behind the children, who turned around to look where he was pointing.

            “It was one of those great big gypsy wagons, all decorated and everything . . There were giant pink and blue and purple flowers carved out of wood on all four corners of it.  It was quite pretty, really.”

            “But there was something strange about it.” He went on.

            “The horses pulling it slowed to a stop very close to me, as I sat in the grass there minding my own business.  What I noticed as strange, was that a COW was driving it!  Yes, for real, a COW!!! I couldn’t believe my little froglet eyes, as I watched this cow, in full human’s clothing, get off the front seat of that pretty wagon, and climb down, then, walking on his hind legs, he walked straight over to a wagon wheel that had fallen off right on the spot!  He was a strange looking fellow, he was!”

            The four children listening to the frog telling the tale looked with surprise, even though they were listening to a talking frog… err frogLET.

            “Again, as I say, I was sitting over there in the grass, minding my own business, watching, not saying anything of course, and this COW, with hooves and all, walked right over to me, without saying a word (not even a moo), picked me up by the waist and then tied my front legs onto one part of the wheel and then tied my back legs onto another part of the wheel!

            “I kept telling the cow-man this: ‘I ain’t a rubber band! I ain’t a rubber band!’”

            “But that cow-boy didn’t listen! He started the horses up and continued on his way, with me tied to his back, driver’s side wheel, whirling around, feeling every last bump!  My head was spinning and I thought I would CROAK!”

            “But instead, we reached the next town, after having gone over every bump in that dirt road!”  The froglet winced.  “Then this funny-bunny looking rabbit man-beast came up to the wagon and said: ‘Frog’s ain’t rubber bands, buddy!’ and he pulled me off the wheel!”

            “I thought that I was gonna die!  That nasty old cow-man just scratched his head, and wasn’t even concerned with what he had done, he was just concerned about his stupid old wheel.”

            The children sat there watching the colorful frog, who was shaking his head and now laughing, he was making them laugh too.

            “So now, you see I’ve got these loooong silly arms and loooong silly legs, and I’ve got this story to tell.”

            “You want to know what the moral of this story is?

            The children nodded once again.

            “The moral of this story, is . . . never mistake a frog for a rubber band.  Yes, that’s the moral of THIS story!”




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