Shirl Steward in 1998.  ((Yes, it's an old picture but I'm afraid I've been too camera shy to take another.  And, yes, I do look older now.))   I'm in my mid 50's and if you don't believe that, just say I never told you! The above pic shows Stacia Harvath Burton with new hubby Russ Burton on their honeymoon.  Boy, doesn't that look cool and relaxing? The happy, newly married couple live in Wyoming but are contemplating a move to good ole' New Mexico.  I swear, I had nothing to do with it!   Really.

From the desk of the publisher, founders and editors  . . .


Stacia Horvath Burton, co-founder

This vision of Healing Waters Press has sustained both Shirl & me, together and individually. I trust Shirl to continue uplifting my life, as she did the day we walked over the bridge for ice cream  in North Bethlehem. I had been in bed for an undisclosed length of time. The doctors would say I was clinically depressed, but the labels never alleviated the experience.

Shirl held my hand and showed me a pretty face of life, ducks, gentle sparkling water, willow trees. Along the banks of The Monocacy Creek, Shirl reminded me that I have a special contribution to make, a mission, a purpose. I knew she was speaking the truth, as is her nature.

This is all about Life Purpose for both of us. This is our opportunity to serve an ever expanding community of kin. May our efforts assist in unifying consciousness. May we work and play in Love Together. Big Blessings! Stacia



Shirl A. Steward, Publisher & Co-founder

Well, I'm sort of talked out here guys with putting this site together.  Oh, okay, I'll try if you insist.   I've been talking about this vision for so long it really is just another part of me sometimes and frankly after a while, it does tend to wear at you.  I do get discouraged at times.  That's why I am so grateful for people like dear Stacia who you just heard from above.   Her constant and ever present encouragement is a god sent.   Her words pick me up when I am down and her love forever holds me away from returning to that despair.    I find her insights always fresh and exciting because I can view them through her young eyes as if I had that wonderful  youthfulness again.   I'm definitely the old dog who needs to learn a few new tricks sometimes.

I think the Course in Miracles summed it up very nicely when it says 'we teach that which we most need to learn.'  Meaning that the student is as much the teacher as he is a student and vice versa.   I find that everyone I meet is my teacher and certainly, Stacia, has been one of my greatest teachers.  She's also been a great student as well, because she is always open to learning.    Not everyone is willing to open their hearts and share them the way Stacia has with me.  

Anyway, this is as much about you, the readers of Healing Waters Press and it's Journal, as it is about us.   Our purpose here is to draw, you, the reader into the great wondrous world of creative spirituality.   Let us put Healing Waters Press on the map!    Please share with us your thoughts, dreams AND submissions that seem to fit here.  Don't forget to sign our guestbook and leave a message on our discussion board.  

We welcome all . . . young student or old teacher . . . there is no one too young or who knows too much . . . at  Healing Waters Press there is something for all of you.   And, if that right element is not here, then we ask that you help us bring it here.   For we are all students and teacher at the same time . . . forever learning and forever growing spiritual.   Come join with us to enjoy all the excitement as we begin the HWP journey!  Blessed be.   -- Shirl


Poetry by Stacia Horvath Burton

Poetry & other writings by Shirl A. Steward

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