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Poets of the Earth        


 -- graphics above all (except dragon) made by Shirl A. Steward
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GrassRoots Journal Mission Statement


Andy Wright  Through the Prism of Spring


Judy Wright  Bird Watching


Annie Goeke   Feelings:  Earth Spirituality Gathering


Cindy Brandt   Mountains


Selections from A Course In Miracles    

It is not the world that makes peace.


Diana Sutliff   Tomorrow

Howard Wetzel   Honor the Mother

                                        Like Water, Trees, Earth

Inila Wakan   Caretakers of Hope

                The Quiet Spirit


Jacque S. Cara (Knerr)  Harmony


                                             Warriors All

James L. Harter, Sr.*   A Place on Earth

                                              The Hands of Success

             *Jim is the son of Rodale Press' Ardath Rodale.  His work can be also found in his book Mindsongs copyright 1988


Mike Lawton   Subdivision


Nancy A. Kirby   Late Night


Portia Nelson   Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters


Stacia E. Horwath   Dare We Recall

                                          Earth Day Interactive

Shirl A. Steward     Fortunate Few Blues

                             Learn from Nature

                                On Our Way Home**

                          Similarity of Mind

                                         The Time Has Come . . .**

                                     The All Inclusive We . . .

**EarthDays Theme Poems


Susannah W. Wolfe  

                       A Prophecy

                                               Spirit Empowers A Stream

Terry Toole   Untitled 

Terry Witwer   When Brother Tree Spoke to Brother Terry



A. Thom 1, 2

A. Thom & Q. Torres

Elliot Knerr

Inila Wakan 1, 2, 3

Jacque S. Cara (Knerr) 1, 2

Joris Rossi 1, 2, 3, 4

Lesta Bertoia 1, 2

Stacia Horvath (Burton) 1, 2

William Sauts 1, 2

Terry Witmer