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Poets of the Earth

Poetry by Howard Wetzel

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Like Water, Trees, Earth

 Water reminds me of my mother earth's blood
Her streams are her veins
her rivers her arteries
her lakes and oceans like many hearts
love lays down on Her
And moves with Her as she breathes
She --- a bride of the Sun
Who warms her as she whirls and dances around him
He withholds nothing of his love
She responds by tirelessly giving birth to love's creations.
There are some who say that humans created this world
by the power of their thoughts
Yet no sane being would say
that they gave birth to their Mother
Who could do such a thing?
Who could bear such pain?
Earth --- her body moves and shifts beneath
Like a Mother's expands to facilitate birth
Her joy expands as each child is born
And as each child grows.
Beholding water, I am reminded of my fluidity
By its ability to fit the shape of a surface or vessel
Beholding trees, I am reminded of my solidity
My rootedness to the Earth.

By Howard Wetzel (as published in the "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Summer 95)

Honor the Mother

Can a tree forget its roots while reaching for the sun?
Can we forget the womb from which
we came while racing for the stars?
This Earth-Organic womb of life
impregnated with the sperm of Divine consciousness
lives on through love’s attraction
Tirelessly gives birth to love’s creations
Love’s creations - - all reaching for the sun.
Dishonor the mother and you dishonor her children.
Dishonor the children and you dishonor the mother.
Why this Earth do we love?
Why this Earth do we seek to save?
This "why" is not a question
rather, an expression of love.
Does not a child ask of its mother
‘why" and from "where" do I come?
Does not the mother delight in answering?
To honor all life is to honor the mother.
To honor all life is to insure her continuing fertility.

By Howard Wetzel

(as published in the "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Winter 94)


Poetry by Howard Wetzel, copyright 1994-1995


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