The art of Willow Arlenea can be found throughout the HWP site.  Her art is amazing and is no less than the work of a true visionary.

Art by Danielle Coen -  Danielle is a good friend and a great artist.  She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico but is originally from France. You'll find her art on various pages throughout the site.  In the above banner I put together a variety of her pieces.  You can also find her art for sale at http://www.yessy.com/danielleart.   As with all talented artists, original art can be expensive, though you might consider her high quality prints which are very reasonable and definitely affordable.   Her art would make a wonderful gift for that someone who thinks they have everything and love great art.  They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.  And, don't forget to tell Danielle I sent you!

The Music of Mustafa Stefan Dill - This is a totally shameless plug for my friend and former supervisor at the Santa Fe New Mexican (neither of us work there any longer) but he is a great musician so I figured 'why not?'  LOL  Isn't that a cool instrument he's playing?  It's a sarod.  According to the Makar Records website, it's an Indian classical instrument that originated from the Senya Rebab . . . an Indio-Persian instrument played in India in the 16th to 19th century.

White Buffalo Music - Another shameless plug for friends Marya Beauvais and George E. Adelo who runs this company which does promotion, marketing and distribution of music and musicians to the film and entertainment industry.  Unfortunately, the link seems to be down right now.  Marya is also a children's artist.  Her husband is local actor, Ivan Brutsche.    Coincidence really played a big part here.  I knew her husband through my ex-publisher and then discovered that another of my friends had known him for 30 plus years.  After I met her I found out that my roommate and her father were best friends with Marya's partner George.  Is the world that small or was destiny taking extra precautions to make sure we hooked up?  Is it just too funny.   


Steven Drozdeck of the Progress Center has been a friend for 25 plus years.  He's written over 15 books and many dozens of articles on sales and self-empowerment strategies for business people.  He also does seminars on just about anything.   But, don't let that fool you.  Steve has a very deeply spiritual side as well.  He is a long time student of the Course in Miracles (as I am) and an avid collector of wizard sculptures (I had to like him when I found out that!).  He also has many posters of Einstein adorning his house in Logan, Utah but I won't tell anyone if you don't.  LOL  We first met when he was a head trainer for a NLP institute in NJ.   NLP stands for Neurolinquistic Programming.  It was very big back in the 80's when I took the certification program.   It's a very focused and extremely effective method for defining and treating the cause of a psychological or physical ailment, rather than focusing on symptoms (the reason physicians are often not successful in treating ailments).  It's also an effective tool for achieving everything you want out of life.  Since teaching at the institute, Steve has added many other techniques to his long list of skills . . . meaning, that if you're looking for someone to speak or do a workshop at any spiritual function, look no further.  Steve is your man.   He has been doing Ki and self-empowerment trainings for individuals for over 20 years as well.


Stargate, the Real One.   If you liked the movie, you will love the reality!   On this site you can explore the wonders of Ancient Mysteries ~ including the riddle of the Ancient Astronauts; Archaeological mysteries from the dawn of humankind; ancient studies that directly link to the present & future. . . and Mysteries of history that link directly to understanding matters of the spirit.  

David Pilz 'The Oracle' - David is a psychic and paranormal investigator as well as an old friend.  Check him out!   His rates are in Canadian dollars so he's a bit less expensive than it appears.  Still, he's worth every penny. 

Saffire at Visions2005 is a clairvoyant reader I've found to be more accurate than most.  I've known her for quite a few years now and highly recommend her.  There is another psychic there named Kaylie but I've never had readings from her so can't recommend her on way or the other.   NOTE:  Always remember, when getting a reading from anyone, that you create your own destiny and that the information received from the reading can, by its own addition, change the results in terms of future happenings.  Weigh what you hear and but continue on your path as if you hadn't heard.   In other words, use the information to make more informed choices.

Robin A. Velez (Amaya) is a psychic, spiritual counselor and trance channel (Isaiah speaks thru Robin).   I met her over 20 some years ago . . . a friend had suggested I have a reading.  I never quite forgot her because she said some rather startling things that partially changed the direction of my life's path.   I neglected to keep in touch but a good friend of mine did and five years ago I discovered that she had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico (where I was at the time)!  She has since moved again to Florida.   Check out her website.  (Postscript note:  site name has been changed to http://www.amayacenter.com/)   The former name dragonandphoenix in the banner above refers to the the dynamics of a relationship with a former partner.    Robin does individual or group counseling/healing sessions, and channeled workshops across the country.  Robin is indeed unique and has an amazing ability to guide people to exactly where they need to go.   In Robin's own words, "I take them down to the depths of their shadow, to their darkest space, and then back up again." - Robin Velez 


Planet Starz is a spiritual community where you can find both readers and the spiritually aware.   I was introduced to this site by my friend Toni Stewart (who died last year).  It is rather unique in that you can go into one of the chat rooms and get a mini reading every 60 days or so.  This gives you a rare opportunity to meet and get to know the readers before spending anything.   But, if you are somewhat psychic yourself or into spiritual things, as I am, it also gives you the opportunity to chat with peers.

Hard Light Center of Awakening with Mark Griffin - - Mark does classes in meditation and spiritual awakening.  Since Mark can speak better for himself, here's one of his quotes. . . "In spiritual life, form is destiny.  Any depth of understanding of the human form must lead you to believe that the entire destiny of a human being is to awaken."


Note that many of the above banners were made by me and, as such, not official.





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