GrassRoots Jrl Poetry

by Inila Wakan (Quiet Spirit)

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Flowers of love, blossoms of life,

children are both of these, born of light.

Innocent whispers, their dream and their cares,

they speak of humanity, the hopes and the snares.

With untainted spirits and starry little eyes,

they still know the way to the land of the wise.

When troubles appear and big people show fear,

the little ones wonder, why are we here?

So try not to hide lifeís ups and downs,

you canít fool the spirit, children are not clowns.

Too many times theyíre left in the dark,

to dwell with confusion, the negative spark.

So brush them aside and you will soon see,

your child has changed from butterfly to bee.

Please remember these words for they are the keys,

then young and old together will soar above trees.

Keep that in mind, but mostly be true,

like light in a tunnel, children shine through . . .

By Inila-Wakan

(as published in Poets of the Earth, GrassRoots Fall 1993)



Listen to the quiet spirit.

Pretty soon you can hear it

Coming from far away

deep in the ground,

Deep down itís coming,

the voice of the power coing,

closer and closer.


thatís the way you hear it.

From the earth,

the moving power of the voice

and the people talking,

praying you know, and

singing softly too.


thatís the way you listen.

The people talking,

telling the power to come to them,

Pretty soon it will come.

It will come!

The moving power the the voice,

the moving power of the earth,

the moving power of the people.

thatís the quiet spirit

Iím talking about . . .

By Inila-Waken "Quiet Spirit"

(as published in Poets of the Earth, GrassRoots Summer 1993)


All Poetry by Inila Wakan (Quiet Spirit)

copyright 1993

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