Yesterday, inside your inner circle,
today, just a face in the crowd.
Yesterday, both friend and lover,
today, shunned in your race to escape.
Yesterday, cherished and respected,
today, avoided and ignored,
no reasons given.
Left . . . no pride to defend.
Dumbfounded, in puzzlement.
Unanswered, the question why
be still echoing in the wind.

Take your pick, whim or fear
both reduce the grandest of potentials
and most magnificent wondrous dreams
into that which is no longer visible,
just left for dead,
locked away deep inside
some archive of the mind.
like Einstein's great theories
judged by the ignorant
as annoying chalk marks
scribbled on some ghetto wall.

By Shirl A. Steward
Written and copyright January 2, 2010


Note: This is not written to/about a specific person however, it is a response to odd behaviors I often see displayed in others temporarily terrified of the 'heat' and, moreover, just a reflection on the phenomenon of commitment phobia in general which I've been known to study and write about. 

As you can probably tell from my site writings, I find all forms of illusion stemming from so-called mental 'illness' and romantic love quite fascinating . . . I am also one in love with love who totally fails to understand this need humans have to fear that which can bring so such beauty and happiness into their lives.



main image from old tapestry, author unknown


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