GrassRoots Jrl Poetry

 Poets of the Earth

by Jacque Knerr

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An ant crawling upon the earth.
Who can say what this ones worth?
A worm burrowing in the ground.
Does so much for the home hes found.
A beetle crossing piles of dung.
Transforms it with the song hes sung.
The snake slithering through the grass.
Wonders why hes been brought to task.
Rabbits and squirrels are likewise concerned.
If we can ever make this world turn.
Mosquitoes and microbes poised on the brink.
Whisper to consciousness, make us all think.
Battles are raging and all hold a part.
Deciding if earth from this course will depart.
These children are sent from below and above.
Revealing our part in this drama of love.
A grander design God himself could not offer.
But we are the players and we are the authors.
Its in our best interest to get on the ball.
So shake it and move it and knock down the walls.
United in spirit, well flow with the wind.
Well know that our champions are destined to win.
From the great to the small, the holy to profane.
Well muster our forces to bring a nw reign.
Our Mother has warned us that times running out.
So lift up your banner and raise up your shout.
Search deep in your heart and discover your cause.
And the warriors will join us in grateful applause.
By Jacque Knerr
(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Summer, 95)


Different notes but vibrating
on frequencies that are
more than compatible.

Each bringing out something
in the other that was not
apparent when soloing.

Producing a fullness of
experience that enriches
each participant.

The melody alone can be lovely
but lacking the excitement
that companion notes bring.

Alone, each line has interest.
Together, almost touching,
an electric intensity develops.

The song is a universal one
sung by friends, lovers and mates.
Do you hear it?

Are you singing solo?
Consider harmony and resonance,
an intermingling of souls.

Dare to take your place
on the Stage of Life . . .
You are a singer.
Your special song awaits.

By Jacque Knerr
(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl Winter 94)

The pain I see in the eyes of others
is really tearing at me.
I feel their fears as my own.

My serenity flees in the presence
of their anxiety.
Our oneness is undeniable.

Your tears flow from my eyes.
Your pain wrenches my heart.
Your longing for justice outrages me.

Let me reach out and touch you.
Heal your wounds, calm your fears,
Strengthen you enough to go on.

If I extend my hand too far - Will I fall?
Only if I think I stand alone.
My balance and strength are universal.

A benevolent spirit moves through me,
Using my tears, kindling my compassion,
In a plan I've yet to fathom.

Let me take another viewpoint .. . .
Each life is like the segment of an intricate web -
Supporting, connecting, sustaining,
Extending each vital thread it touches.

Up close there's no apparent pattern or reason.
But stand back in the cool mist of morning, and
Dawn will illuminate a design of magnificent
order and beauty.

Your tears have become glittering diamonds,
Lighting up the pathways and turning-points
in s scheme beyond your imagination . . .

By Jacque S. (Cara) Knerr
As published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Winter '95


Poetry by Jacque Knerr, copyright 1994-1995


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