I am the word, the way, the light.

I am the morning, the noon and the night.

I am the Alpha, the beginning of all.

I am the path, the nothing you seek,

I am the Omega, the ending, the meek.

I am the truth for all to see.

I am the love, fulfilling your need.

I am the freedom from fear, in your mind.

I am the rock on which you can climb.

I am the cloak that protects you all.

I am the cross, on me you can call.

I am the answer to all of your prayers.

I am the power of love, curing ills.

I am the will of the innocent child.

I am the peace in your everyday trials.

I am the freedom from conflict, affliction and death.

I am the love that is, let me be your breath.

I am love unconditional and forgiving.

I am love, let me reign in you.



by John Anthony Line