drawing by Shirl from spider photo


A spider's web of memories,

Chrystaline or true blue,

Shattering, falling out, or falling in,

Passing wips of time.

Fragmented pictures of stories,

Yet untold,

Visions of a past that only I lived.

Others with their own, yet instances were shared.

Life is like that we imagine ourselves,

Weaving webs of silken experience,

making or breaking a lifelong trap,

for the character to hold and grow this way or that.

And I the spider am spinning my way.

Through time, creating memories of each passing day.

And as I am living and loving with all,

I look back over time through my crystal ball.

The beginning is patchy, vague now it seems,

And the future is filled with life, can I spin out my dreams?


by John Anthony Line



'Crying Spider' ART ABOVE PAINTED 1881 BY:

Redon: Self  Odilon Redon

born: Bordeaux, France; 20 April 1840
died: Paris, France; 6 July 1916

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