Join the enchanted flight

of the butterfly . . .

Join the enchanted flight . . .of the butterfly.
Break free of your chrysalis limitations.
Follow her in discovery of life's wondrous mystery.
Believe with all your heart the world
can be healed, born anew,
And soon, . . . the love which seeded that belief
Will create a miracle come true.
By Shirl A. Steward
1995 First published in the BGA brochure
(and information about using butterflies for healing the earth and all its creatures . . . the spirit, the heart, the soul of all.)
My friend Alan has gotten around with my poem, wouldn't you say? 
He now lives and works in Southern California.

Hey, check out the great stories here Alan has collected! 
All talk about the way butterfly magic has transformed people's lives.
where you can join, if you are interested

This was a time when my friend Alan was a real activist.  Well, he's always been a hippie at heart.  A real big hearted guy, though, who really believes butterflies can transform the world.

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My Poem in Italy? also butterfly organization . . .
No, this can't be Italy!

There are a few other sites but can't seem to find them.
Oh well.   Those sites must be down.

You may freely use this poem as long as you credit me as author.
Join the enchanted flight is Copyright 1995
and is part of the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003.





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