Marylou Abbott
in her apartment studio


Marylou and her husband, Jack are long time friends who live in Woodside, NY.   Mary is both a poet and accomplished artist.  A link to her poem Somewhere in Here is below.   More of her poetry and some of her art is forthcoming.  Since she lives in a city apartment, her art tends to focus on all the things outside that environment . . . nature and its beautiful florals.

Her work has been showcased at various New York City galleries.   For the second time, one of her paintings will be featured and sold at the upcoming Max's Kansas City Charity art auction in NYC.  

The charity benefits families of artists and musicians in crisis.  Mary's husband, Jack Abbott is in charge of publicity for the auction.   Once a hip reporter for the Village Voice, Jack's been in publicity most of his life but his greatest love and focus these days is the music business.   Anything on here about music is either Jack's or will eventually lead you back to him.  Big surprise, huh?  Duh.  He's also a talent agent but not just for anyone . . . he likes to represent the best in up-and-coming rock stars or someone who IS a former rock star.  LOL  Of course, if you're not in either of those categories, it's still a possibility he might represent you . . . you just have to be hip to his style.   It helps if you can sing and play an instrument . . . even when NOT drunk.  But, not to worry. . . he's intoxicating.  Everyone loves Jack.

Of course, Mary is pretty awesome too.  They probably wouldn't be a pair if she wasn't. 


Mary's Poetry (onsite)
Somewhere in here

Above photo:  The amazing skyline from the Abbotts' apartment window.





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