Poetry by

Natalie Marie Wood

Natalie lives with us in Santa Fe, NM with her adorable four year old son, Cyrus.   

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As the soft music plays

I think of all the days

And gaze into the stars of night

Wishing for the light to reach my sight

So much darkness I am blind

I can not find my mind

To think of all I've been through

To know what I've blew

Just for you and another few.

Life passes me by

Without even a sigh

Not even a cry.

I'm afraid to feel

I act de-sensitized, not even real.

They destroy my emotions

And fill me with potions.

My heart fears love

And causes me to feel unloved.

I just want what I feel

To be real.

By Natalie Marie Wood 2004



The essence of an angels tear

Cries for my blackened soul.

When I fade into the mirror

I enter my fantasy-land

Mirages of colors melting. . .

Fading. . . dripping like sand.

Life is like a game

Take your chances, see where you'll end.

Does it bring fame or nothing but shame?

I drown my body with any escape.

Long and dark winding tunnels

Is the way my eyes take me

Again and again,

Time after time.

Choosing a new way will be hard today,

But there's always tomorrow.

Paranoia infests my nerves

Thinking of new scandals waiting

 To blow and explode.

The thought is fake.

I switch a different mode

When I see the lake

I will drown my fears.

The sky is dark and cloudy,

Reddened by the eclipsed sun

I see the other side

But I am in the middle grasping for air.

The echoing whisper of my name

Repeatedly distracts me like a nighttime flare.

The dark tunnel I had once been down so many times before

Reappears and shadows me like the overcast moonlight.

I am in darkness once again.      

By Natalie Marie Wood 2004



All Poetry by Natalie Marie Wood

copyright 2004

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