Just Words by Shirl A. Steward

Graphic:  "Just Words" by Shirl A. Steward


No Twin to Truth

Truth be to me
The essence of my world's reality
A system of beliefs
Created by the fiber
Of my every thought, my every feeling.
The is no other one in the universe
Exactly twin to mine.
A truth identical, impossible to find,
For its identity is singular
Unique unto itself
Structured by myself,
The product of my mind.

And when I speak,
I speak the truth I am today
It is never quite the same as yesterday.
For like a pearl which perfected
With the passing by of time
My truth changes and expanses
With each and every thought
With every movement of my soul
Upon it's worldly path,
Through my many joys and griefs
As I grow in the awareness of my soul
My truth is perfected
In the passing by of time.
The lens through which I see
Is not a clear transparent surface

But a prism born of the whole
Of my beliefs.
And startling indeed to know
No one else on Earth
Can perceive within a picture,
A flower or a tree
Exactly what I sense, feel or see.
No one else can describe for me
How I perceive the beauty
Of a rose except for me.
So how can we ever fully understand
For we can not see just the way they see
From within their view of the world?
We can not think just the way they think.
Their beliefs shall never be the same
As our beliefs.
Their truth can not be our truth.
It is not ours to judge
What we cannot comprehend.
We must look beyond
The trappings of perception.
To see the awesome beauty
Of the soul which lies within
To accept and acknowledge
The uniqueness of expression
Born to each other living soul
To love and be loved
For just the way we are.

By Shirl A. Steward  -- 10/13/87.