Notes and ETC . . .

12/21/2009 ANYONE LOOKING FOR MARK ROBERTS (the archeologyist who discovered the 'real' stargate)? 
He has a new site at http://pleiadesx.com/


 MY SITES AT  COMCAST, NETSCAPE, and poetry profile at POETRY.COM  ARE DEFUNCT.  My profile at rhymster is still there but only accessible for edit.  I have moved some of these poems over to my Care2 profile.  I have also expanded my selections of poems of this site.

Obviously, the latest fashion is to have a BLOG so I now working on SEVERAL!  However, several are also now gone due to technology updates or companies going out of business.  My blog at the New Mexican was nuked along with many others when the newspaper went over to yet another CMS.  For a while I was toying with idea of starting up my film blog again however, since Seattle is not really a film city as was Santa Fe, I have decided against it for the time being, at least.

I AM putting together a WORDPRESS site with a blog and a huge database that will hold the work of writers and artists.  Another dream of mine is www.artistsandwriterscafe.com, the host site for the new blog and database.   It will be a low cost marketplace and a support group for the artistic spiritual community.


12/19/2009 ANNOUNCEMENT:  . . . .

 Although I'm now in Seattle, White Wolf Media Group . . . my partnership with Santa Fean photographer, Mike Nussman continues.   We do photography, public relations, web design, writing and editing.  Please check out our site at www.whitewolfmediagroup.com. Please do email us if you're in the local area around Santa Fe and you'd like to talk with Mike!  If in Seattle, contact me!

Our old card for 'just' Santa Fe

October 17, 2008:  I've moved to Seattle, WA!


05/30/2006. So sorry for being gone so long! I've had major computer and other problems far too numerous to mention. Anyway, I am back. I haven't written any recent haiku except for the two above and yes, I just finished a new poem "Until Tomorrow . . ."  New to the WEECreate page are Lynn Ford's poem "The Nine Poem" and Michael Lamas' article  "Intimate Relationships".   Note that the page address itself has also changed because of space considerations.  Anyway, all these were just posted so please enjoy! 

I will be posting new material on the WEECreate page as well and will let you know what/who is new there and when that is completed.  Note that the memorial page to Toni Donelow Stewart may have a few glitches for a while until I get them fixed.  

03/31/2006 - Much new content and more coming!  Dolf Cheng and Lil have joined our WeeCreate page so we have six participating WEE poets so far!  There are new links for my friend Lynn there also.  Thanks and keep those contributions and links coming guys!   I've added a number of new poems here and on other sites.  All the links are on my 'about me page.'   Most Perfect Love is the most recent.  There's also a new story Wishful Willy!   The image is a temporary one until I do another.  My computer art is improving, yes?

03/30/2006 - Nope, I haven't forgotten about Joanne's readings.  It's taking a while to get thing organized.   The below test button only takes you to the private chat room, just a test for now but if you see the online icon and feel like chatting and I'm not too busy, then we can chat.   LOL



03/02/2006 - New content coming! New Poems:  No Foreign Birth and No Twin to Truth by  Shirl A. Steward. 

01/31/2006 - Oh my.  The year is 1/12th over.  Well, on the other hand, considering the full-empty glass theory, we still have 11/12ths to go!  WEECreate is coming along nicely.  We have formed our core group and we're now ready to invite new members.  Please contact me if you'd like more information.    I created a gallery for our new artist Howard Pierce.  Please check out his gallery here.

01/19/2006 - Coming soon to the HWP site > Readings by one of the best psychics of New York and a dear friend of a dear friend.  The below test button only takes you to the private chat room, just a test for now but if you see the online icon and feel like chatting and I'm not too busy, then we can chat.   LOL

TEST BUTTON ----->  Coming soon!

01/12/2006.- New Page!  WEe Create!  Check it out!   WEe Create!  is a spiritual creative group effort and it should be really interesting to see where it goes!    All members or former members of WE International are invited to make submissions as are others of like mind.    A button link is also in the menu bar above

01/01/2006 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

12/16/2005 - BIRTHDAY TIME . . . this girl Shirl  is 57 today.   I'm looking older these days but certainly don't feel it . . . I feel as good as I did at 28, maybe even better . . . I lived in Pennsylvania  then and the humidity really took a toll on my allergies.   Little Cyrus, my roommate Natalie Wood's son, also had a birthday this month.  He was 5 on the 7th.   He's a real sweetheart but so is his mom.   I do love them both.

12/7/2005 - FROM KATHY ROBERTSON:  Thank you for being there in the healing waters, splashing some drops my way!   .(is that a haiku?).  -- Almost Kathy . . . See your haiku on the haiku page (link above).   I changed just a couple of words and  you're a Haiku author.  Use 5-7-5 syllable format. ~ Shirl

FYI  11/14/2005:    Welcome home Shane!   My oldest son Shane is now home in America.  He spent a year teaching English in Japan. 

11/09/2005 marks the one year anniversary of the death of my soul sister and  dearest friend, Toni Donelow Stewart.  -- visit our memorial to Toni