Shirl Steward in 1998.  (Yes, it's an old picture but I've been too camera shy to take and post another.  And, yes, I do look older now.)   I'm in my early 60's and this was taken when I just turned 50.  If you don't believe that, just say I never told you!

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 About me and my work in progress




Poetry by Shirl A. Steward (on site)

Note:  I have written many hundreds of poems. 
This is a selection on various topics.

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Last update 1/14/2010


Abstract to Linear

A Fall into the Streets

A New Heart

A Penny for Your Tears*


Arms of Heaven

All Inclusive We

Attune to the Bell

Behind the Page

Blackbird's Landing**

Birth of Wings

Burned Out


Dreams a' Blooming

Flight of My Soul*

Fortunate Few Blues

Haiku Poetry and other Shorts

Hope Is . . .

Join the Enchanted Flight


Last Call for the Carousel

Learn from Nature

Lost Dreams

Most Perfect Love


Master of Disguise*

Master or Slave?*

Mr. Wander-Lust*

No Foreign Birth

No Twin to Truth

One Last Ride

On Our Way Home

Plastic World

Real Value and the 'Living' Book

Shadows of a Life

Silent Rage

Similarity of Mind

Soul-sisters (Memorial to Toni)

Stairways Go Up . . . AND Go Down

Solo Man

Still in the Heart


The Lady in Pink (Memorial to Starr)

The Time Has Come

The Woman on the Cliff

Things Left Unspoken

Traveling Down Maybe Road

True Power

Until Tomorrow . . .

Memorials to special 'forever' friends . . .  just a few of the many influential in changing my life forever

Toni Donelow Stewart, 1961-2004

Starr 'Twilight' Schwartz, 1948-1999

Cal White, stage hypnotist and motivational speaker,  193?-1998

My birth brother, Ralph Edward Teague, 1944-2007

A few others influential in changing my life


Coming soon to print . . . 

The Poet's White Meadow,
(two items) a book selection of poems
and album of poetry in spoken word by Shirl A. Steward

You Can Fly
an album of songs, written by and sung by Shirl A. Steward

Haiku and Other Shorts
by Shirl A. Steward



(This site is owned by LULU now and it is near impossible to find
anyone's poem there unless you have the exact URL!)

- Last Call For The Carousel
Lost Dreams
Things Left Unspoken
A Penny for Your Tears
Master of Disguise
The All Inclusive We (original version)
- True Power
- Dreams a' Blooming

Kitties Sleeping by Toni Donelow Stewart

At my blog
A Fall into the Streets
Burned Out
Hope Is . . .
The Time Has Come

and much more

My Page at the Care2's environmental site

NOTE:  Care2 apparently doesn't permit viewing of profiles by nonmembers - sorry, but it is a great and FREE community worth joining if you're into the environment and helping humanity.  I have since posted all these poems on this site or at other sites as well. is still there but only accessible for edit.  Sorry.

Other poems offsite
Starseed Volunteers

Stories by me (onsite)

Cal & Tuddie

Wishful Willy

Homeschooling Articles
by Shirl A Steward and son Shane:

(1) The Big Trip:  Education on the Road
Not Bad for JUST a Homeschooler, huh?: One Homeschooler’s Success Story

Commentary (on Shirl's blog)

Commentary on Mr. Wander-Lust (A 2005 Poem):
The Role of Honesty and Understanding in relationships

Illness of the mind or just evidence of misdirected potential?
(to be posted shortly)

Dis-ease:  Physical ailments and beliefs

Organic portals & souled humans: a 3-part
commentary on the article

The slavery of marriage?

The Stardoves and Spiritual Marketing Campaigns

Twin Soul Flames


Slight of 'mouse': Fraudsters on Ebay and Beyond*

Coss, the 'City Different' and its merchants conflicted*

Richardson versus Dendahl;
Who’s really tearing down New Mexico?

Butterfly pic with Kanji by Shirl A. Steward

About my writing . . .

               Shirl A. Steward

    . . . I've always been on the other side of the fence as far as publicity goes . . . ghostwriting articles, doing bios, reviews, fluff pieces and copy for ad campaigns that were always promoting someone else's work and not mine.   If you've spent any time browsing the pages in this site, you'll see I'm still doing it somewhat, that is, promoting others and not myself.  So, it appears to the world that I'm being pretty modest about my talents or accomplishments    And, of course, you're sitting there thinking, "well, . . yeah,  I'VE certainly never hear of you!"

Well, all that is about to change.  Coming to Santa Fe, NM in December, 2003 was the beginning of a new era for me and has continued progressively with my move then to Seatte, WA.   I'm starting to make time for writing and following this dream of Healing Waters Press.   And, I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop me!!    I'm putting ALL my poetry into collections and working on getting some of my children's stories published.  Below is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what work is coming.   If you are interested in any of my books-in-process below, please let me know so I can put you on a list to receive information about availability.  Most books will be available in both e-book and print versions either through HWP or another publisher.

One of these days I WILL get around to finishing my life story and then people will see why I don't talk about my life.  It reads like a book stranger than fiction . . . full of happenings others would find bizarre or unreal.  But true enlightenment does not flow from fear of things we can not see or understand.   To evolve, even into freedom of thought, we must examine all that is presented to us, no matter how strange or unfamiliar it might be.    Blessed be.   -- Shirl


Wishful Willy:  A children's book by Shirl A. Steward, inspired by artwork of a close friend.   Willy is a Catatonian and really different from all those around him.   This is his very personal story of learning he's not so unusual and definitely, not alone.  Topic specific:  dealing with issues of self-worth, the need to belong and childhood loneliness.

Cal & Tuddie:   A children's book by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by artist to be determined.  This story is dedicated to two very special friends I lost.  Cal was a hypnotist/showman and Tuddie was his cat and then mine after he died.    Topic specific:  dealing with death and dying.

White Feathers:  A collection of poetry by John Anthony Line and Shirl A. Steward, to be Illustrated by various artists including Shirl A. Steward, Lindsay Robertson, and Danielle Coen

Two Hearts, One Soul:   A collection of poetry by Shirl A. Steward to her muse and soultwin, John Anthony Line, illlustrator(s) to be determined.

La Femme:  A collection of art by Danielle Coen and poetry by Shirl A. Steward

Poet of the White Meadow:  Collection of poetry by Shirl A. Steward, illustrated by Shirl A. Steward and others.

Starloves are Forever:  Collection of love poetry by Shirl A. Steward.  Illustrations by Shirl A. Steward, and others

Frown Around Fred:   A children's book by Shirl A. Steward, Illustrated by ?.  A Dr. Seuss style (in that, its verses rhyme) story about the transformation of the Big Bad Wolf.   Topic specific:  dealing with self-worth, self-fulfillment and truly striving towards being the best of who you are.

Wishy, Wishy was A Flutterby;  A children's book by Shirl A. Steward, Illustrations to be done by artist yet to be determined.  This art was originally to be done by my friend, Toni Donelow Stewart who passed away in November, 2004.  It is a thus very special to me.   It is the story of a dying child's wish to be a butterfly.    Topic specific:  dealing with death and dying.

The Legend of Los Worth:  A children's book by Shirl A. Steward, Illustrator to be determined.   A story originally conceived as a therapeutic  metaphor.  It may seem like a mystic fairytale with wizards and castles but it deals with real issues of everyday existence.   Topic specific:  dealing with self-worth issues and has interesting spiritual symbology.

Other works in process:

Screenplay:  Corkey's Bay, first written in 1986, is a based on one of my own romantic real life dramas.   This work is finished except for the addition of the last two scenes . . . that is, an "ending".  At the time of writing it, I knew I had to write it as a self-therapy but was too much part of the story to see or accept its 'end'.   Set in the Virgin Islands and a small village in Ireland, it is a somewhat 'more real than life' depiction of two people whose deep love for each other brought them together to finally heal from a great tragedy they shared in another life time.  Topic specific:  death and dying, past lives, healing from great loss.    

Screenplay:  Edgar and Mary is a work of love that I can not talk about at this time because I am still researching certain historical facts.  It is also about a very deep love that lasted a lifetime and circumstances that kept two lovers apart.  Topic specific:  death and dying, past lives, pursuit of lost love and being in the counterflow of the normally accepted . . . against the odds.

Screenplay:  Lust for Identity is passionate portrayal of great love of two people healing the terrible identity-threatening traumas that began in each of their youths.   They come to 'find themselves' and their own unique identities through each other.  It is the ultimate in 'love heals all' but it also about the reality of self-empowerment . . . for this is a TRUE story.  Topic specific:   self-empowerment, self-identity issues.

The Garden of the Mystic Monk (A Series of books for children) by Shirl A. Steward, Illustrator and publisher to be determined.  A very magical journey of a dying little boy who learns how to heal himself and go beyond all limits of reality. Topic specific:  dealing with the nature of spirituality, death and dying.

Tardak the Lionman:  by Shirl A. Steward, Longer short fiction for young  readers, a story inspired by an original painting by artist, Richard Olsen and to redesigned for the cover by an artist to be determined.    Tardak is an other-dimensional creature encountered in a young boy's dream . ..  or is it a dream??   And, who is this strange one named Tarkak?   Topic specific:  dealing with the nature of spirituality, self-worth, loneliness, death and dying.

White Wings of the Hierophant  by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ?, Full length adult novel.  A fictional story behind the death of a famous spiritual leader, the conspiracies involved, and the magic of spiritual forces brought to task which rise up to defeat the conspirators.  This is a story of hope for the future of humanity.   Also, be ready to be challenged for it WILL challenge everything you believe and come to accept about government, religion, and their ways of controlling us.   It is also a guidebook for reclaiming the power these forces have stolen from us.   Beware . . . this book will change how you think about the world and the nature of reality!   Topic specific:  dealing with the nature of spirituality, government/religious control, freedom of thought, self-awareness, death and dying.

White Buffalo Woman by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ?,  Full length adult fiction.   Based on the past life recall of several individuals, as well as very ancient Sioux legends, this is a sweet story of an eternal love between two native Americans caught in the vise of native tradition and obligations of each to their own unique callings, ordained by Great Spirit.     Topic specific:  dealing with the nature of native spirituality, the retelling of a great native legend, great love, native tradition and the horrors of war that befell Native Americans in ancient times.

Poet from the White Meadow:  An Autobiography.  by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ?.   From the ashes of childhood depression, abuse, near death trauma, mystical happenings and magical waking visions rose a true visionary, writer and poet.   This story will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat.  It will inspire you and remind you that nothing is impossible.  "You're limited only by the height of the sky and the infiniteness of the universe.", says Shirl, "True, unconditional, everlasting love can exist between two people.  I know because I found it in a little village west of Southampton, England.  Although we are apart, that man will always be the sunshine in my heart."    Live, dream and experience love through the eyes of a visionary.  

Rise of Atlantis  by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ? Full length adult novel.  Still in conceptual stages.  A fictional story drawn from predictions and theories of a shift of the earth and the world ending etc.   It deals with one woman's visions of a past life and future destruction . . . then, her search to find identity when these two worlds start colliding into her everyday present.   It's a great what-if story that challenges all our societal norms and our concepts of spiritual realities.    Topic specific:  dealing with the nature of spirituality reality, death and dying, prophecy, and rebirth of civilization.

A Slave of the Pharaoh by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ?, Full length adult fiction.  Still in conceptual stages.  A novel based on past life recall by various people.  All events surround a young slave girl in the court of a Pharaoh who made the mistake of falling deeply in love with the Pharaoh's son.

Atlantian Sage by Shirl A. Steward, cover art by ?,  full length adult fiction.   Still in conceptual stages.   A novel also based on past life recall dreams and actual visions.    Adelu is the presiding high priest at an Atlantian Temple.   This is about his life, his family . . . all the joys and sorrows that befall them.  This will be somewhat of a sequel to Rise of Atlantis. 

Shirl A. Steward,  is the publisher and one of the cofounders of Healing Waters Press and Healing Waters Journal.   Shirl moved to Seattle, WA from Santa Fe, NM in October, 2008.    She is a writer of poetry, children’s books, novels and is a freelance journalist.  Her stories skillfully address critical topics for children such as self worth, friendship, and self fulfillment but her specialty is the sensitive topic of death and dying. Her children's stories "Cal and Tuddie" and "Wishful Willy" will soon be released to the public.   She also has several collections of poetry and novels in the works. She spend many years in the more business aspects of writing: as copywriter, technical writer, publicist, ghostwriter, instructor and later as an editor for an environmental journal, an independent film newspaper and The Santa Fe New Mexican.  She graduated from Temple University and attended Lehigh University grad school to study psychology.   She has two grown sons, Shane and Brian.  Eldest son, Shane is also pursuing writing, but as a supplement to his academic pursuits.   He taught English in Japan for the Nova program, studied archaeology in undergrad and has his MBA from Temple University.  Son, Brian is a former Army Lieutenant (was stationed in Afghanistan and Korea) and is now a manager for Boeing.  






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