Abstract to Linear

How best can I immortalize
the beauty of our love,
its richness and its sanctity.
How truly precious be
that sacred seed conceived.
Its power easily transforms insanity
into playful shenanigan.

So much here be fertile ground
for a spicy round of tempered discord,
yet my heart is softened
by the mystery of my enchantment.
Or maybe it's my amusement
at this obsession to control.
The need to collapse the total abstract
into the unyielding linear.
Yet, I continue to play,
even when it wears a little thin.
And why I ask? What shall we teach?
What shall we learn?
Could it be, there be something
in abstract for you
and in the linear for me?

By Shirl A. Steward
Written and copyright 1991.

Artwork by bestfriend,
Toni Donelow Stewart
Copyright 1991
from the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003, 2004.