Burned out

Tears and blood is all life brought
To a career never meant to bloom,
Shredded by the thorns of roses sought,
Lost to those whom
The other end twould kiss.
Loyal years of service remembered not.
Robbed of all dignity for naught.

Unemployed, alone, bewildered, security lost,
All employment seems forwarth.
Hate, jealousy and fear abound.
Even as years go by
The spirit, enthusiasm
Burned out still
Devastation all but lives.
Time, it's said to be the cure of all,
But what does one do when
Fate has brought you
Once again to the doorway
Of another lousy job,
One simply doesn't want,
In an office full of bores,
Where everybody, from the secretaries to
the chairman of the board,
Is complacent to be bought and sold,
And knowingly abused,
Like common whores.

Written by Shirl A. Steward
June, 1983.

Artwork by bestfriend,
Toni Donelow Stewart
Copyright 2003
Burned Out is part of the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003, 2004.