Cut loose the ties that bind
those things that hold behind,
Free mind's eye from ego's lust,
clear the clutter, blow 'way the dust,
Take to butterfly wing, on a spiritual soar
Embrace the chance to ask for more
of everything in life from birth to death
inhale the splendor with every breath,
ha, transformations. . .bring celebrations,
a moth emerged from the dark cocoon,
a chrysalis to butterfly all a color very soon,
experience innocence in life's precious dance,
fill the mind with wonders which enhance
and bathe the soul in joyous bliss
Sound the trumpets, give a kiss
To the one which gave us birth
No greater mother than the Earth.
Expressing thanks for all of this
It's a call only fools resist.
Release and let it be
Fulfill all dreams of ecstasy.

By Shirl A. Steward
Written and copyright 8/10/95

Art below created by Shirl
from original Kanji symbol drawing