The Woman on the Cliff

Looking out to the sea,
she stood high on a cliff
pondering all that had been
and all that might be.
Sorrow and pain she felt
for the moments lost whilst
frozen in fear and regret.
Too easy to end it all,
to take the last step
into the oblivious dark
abyss of the sea, thought she.
The cold damp air
brought no comfort,
only stark realities
and memories of the one true love
and the tears that forever
stained her heart.
At the darkest moment
when the thought of
leaping took its grip,
something warm and sweet
flooded in, replacing all
that had been despair.
She turned and looked
into the eyes of him
who now held her close,
safely away from
the cliff’s harsh demise.
It was time to begin again,
to heal. to forgive
all the maybes that
had never been.
A new woman, she was.
New courage surging through
her veins as she walked away
from the perils of the cliff.
The child and helpless woman
which once she was . . .
never to be seen again.
The one who had come,
a Spirit of the higher realms,
now walked closely by her side,
and as it did,
a lone white eagle feather
fell from empty sky
into her outstretched hand . . .
no greater gift than this hath
ever been given man.

By Shirl A. Steward 12/12/03. To John

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The Woman on the Cliff is Copyright 2003
and is part of the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003, 2004.