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Two Hearts . . . One Soul

is a collection of poems that were all written to my muse, soulmate and "twinsoul" John Anthony Line of Southampton, U.K.. 

-- Shirl A. Steward

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Please note that the above shown graphic is by Ruane Manning (his bio & his art can be found here)  Final permission has not been given as yet for use of this graphic in the book so final book art may vary.  Please do not makes copies.  


Index:  some of what's in  
Two Hearts, One Soul


Ecstasy and Much More (a song)
In Arms of Heaven
Beyond the pain...a Vision
The Golden Chest
At Your Request
Web of Illusion
The Prison in a Dream
Real Value and The Living Book
The Silence Beyond Reason
Oh, To Be That Mirrored Image
By the Waterfall
His Golden Heart
The Galatea
Awaking Dreams
Self Deception
Still in the Heart
The Woman on the Cliff
Night Skies
No, I Can't Pretend
Art of Imitation
I Knew
You Silly Brit
Forgetting is not an option
Great Art is Nothing without Love

All poems by Shirl A. Steward and copyright between 1999 and 2009.
Copyright 2001 [Healing Waters Press]. All rights reserved.
Revised: 12/23/09.