Almost There by Danielle



Why do we continue to avoid
all that is good for us,
like the plague, as the saying goes?
Looking back it all looks so simple,
after the fact, that is, of course.
All the various methods of the stall
for sure, I know them all.
Now, I canít believe how difficult
I made it for myself.
Now, though, I am finally here
where I had planned to be
before so many of those elusive grains
of timeís precious sand slipped so quickly by.
Everything now just simply fitting into place
and time so much better spent.
Iíll never know I guess exactly why
it was so hard to get to where
I should have been . . . and perhaps,
reasons do not matter any more.
I am here and here to stay.
I am ready for what is to come
and no longer am I afraid.
By Shirl A. Steward
© written and copyright 12/20/2003

Avoidance is Copyright 2003
and is part of the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003, 2004.