When love speaks,

the voice of all the gods

makes Heaven drowsy

with the harmony

---Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost ---

Arms of Heaven

What more could I want than
the truest of perfect love
born of that which is
beyond the curse of dust?
Could it be, as Ive dreamed
the adorn of earth and heaven
reunited . . . joined into one.
Alpha and omega forever
arising to ecstasy forever in the now?
You and I merely being free
at long last to be all weve dreamed.
For within the arms of heaven
there is no fear and no need
to don the ego mask to hide
a shame now burnt away
by the brilliant radiance
the awesome beauty of an
unencumbered soul revealed
For in the arms of heaven
truth is absolute and love
the essence of sheer being.
And those like us be on
the high wind as wisp o wills
seeding a sleeping world
not quite ready to arise
to the gifts awaiting
those who dont know yet
there are no limits to how high
one can fly in arms of heaven.
By Shirl A. Steward

Arms of Heaven is Copyright 2000
and is part of the Collected Works of Shirl A. Steward Copyright 2003, 2004.
The beautiful Arms of Heaven graphic is a combination of art and photo done by Hawaiian artist Steve Sundram   www.islandartcards.com (for print & card purchase)
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