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"Legacy" by Danielle


The time has come . . .


This is your earth
that calls you now,
The denizens have left
me stripped, over mined,
robbed of every vital sign
I'm barely breathing.
I cry now for my many children
stolen from the cradle by
careless disregard.
I tremble in frustration
as I question why
every life is threatened
to which I've given breath.
My waters, once so pure
now polluted, kill its precious stores,
All my creatures of the sea
abused, some dying banked on shores,
some dissected lying on a plate
creamed in soup or in pate.
Toxic waste and acid rain
mean certain death and pain,
fewer species now being found.
Those that once roamed in plenty
all cut down before their prime,
slaughtered by a trophy searching hand.
A thousand times a thousand
robbed of life, habitat and home.
The mighty pachyderm, rhino and gorilla
moan the death of all their own.
Parrot and butterfly swept away
from rain forests cut to compete, to meet,
man's ever mounting supply and demand.
A tropic paradise now deplete
of all that lived and shared its land.
I cry for all my human children too
those malnourished, lost in Chernobyl,
and those poisoned, alone,
starving in war torn streets
who never had a chance, those
lacking water that doesn't reek
of urine in the Middle East.
Alas, all these children
of the Earth
go hungry for my care.
What can I do?
My heart is bleeding.
No doubt you've heard my cries
My plea to you to save, to resurrect
your home from the grave.
Every earthquake and tidal wave
is a sigh that tells you of my grief,
the Ever-present crisis now
beneath your feet.
What else must I do
to call to action
the loving restoration
that will bring relief?
The time has come to heal
this heart of mine
bleeding deep within
the fissures of my core,
to wash clean my blood,
oil stained polluted shores.
The time has come,
for my children to return to me
the love I so freely gave to them.
My time has come.
Your time has come.
For in saving me,
the earth that birthed you all,
you give life to yourself
and every other living thing.
The time has come
to harken to the call
to join with every other
forgiving and forgetting
the separateness of past
within and with out.
The miracle shall heal us all.
The time has come . . .
I ask you all, every single one,
Surround our heart with loving peace
to birth a miracle on earth.
Hear sounds of new life stirring
overhead and underneath.
Know it shall be
the greatest, grandest
show of all . . .
by saving me, the Earth
you improve . . .
the quality of life for all.

By Shirl A. Steward copyright 1995

(Theme Poem, Earth Days 95)

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