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"Eagle Journey" by Willow Arlenea


Learn from Nature


What can be freer,
Than a bird on a wing,
Cheerfully singing his song in the spring,
He doesn't have a care about the world
He doesn't scurry about helter-skelter
Possessed by things,
Nor does he worry about the beauty
Of his shelter,
And least of all, concerning him
Is the look of things he gladly eats.
He just simply goes
Exactly where it is God leads.
And thus, he finds fulfillment
Of each of all his needs.
The signs of nature guide him
On his way.
He's not a skeptic,
Who doubts everything he sees.
God-given instincts guide him day by day.
If he were human how would he be?
He'd die for sure within a week,
And certainly, no more than three.
Take heed and learn the parable
Given specifically to say,
See the beauty and the grace of God,
Inherent in the natural way
Born to Earthen creatures
Unencumbered by an ego.

By Shirl A. Steward copyright 1995

(As first published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Summer‘95)

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The wonderful artwork above is by visionary artist, Willow Arlenea




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