Butterfly of Consciousness


You are real
Amidst this wildflower field of reality
Flitting from blossom to blooming
From loved one to loved person
From Beloved to Lover
To She who unifies polarities
Ascending the spiral staircase
Furthering evolution
The reunification of harmony
The abolition of fearing
The resolution of duality
The exploring
The enduring tenacity
Hold on the nectar of center
Amidst green gloop gloppy states of transformation
Butterfly of Consciousness
Streaming rainbow vivid Monarch colors
Flying all the way from Brazil
Where we’ve spent the night partying together
On the bridge connecting worlds
And when I cry for vision
You Grace me with the Blue Morph dancing
Butterfly of Consciousness
Circling the Earth
Cloak us in your lucid colors
Violet dreaming.

by Stacia Horvath Burton

graphic by visionary artist, Willow Arlenea http://www.designsbywillow.com/






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