Grace & Beauty


Bring Grace & Beauty on a tethered string at sunrise,
Pulsing until skin is loose & bodies shiver.
I cannot Love a person, place or thing
Any more or less
Than this.
These are yesterdayís seeds ripening in the dead of winter.
Because itís somehow perfect.
No matter what You think,
You are eternity.
Snowflakes melting
Leave you open handed
To explore the truth of yourself
Gurgling deep below the surface.
Donít speak in frantic rhythms
For it is silence that illumines vision.
Rest deeply in this momentís currents,
I Am Alive!
Thus, the gateway unfurling.
Recall with ease of recognition
Strung like Gypsy beads:
Bring Grace & Beauty on a balloon string
Floating high above it all.
All that You so heart fully desire
Will reveal herself for You.


by Stacia Horvath Burton

copyright 2004

"Transition" graphic is by the visionary artist, Willow Arlenea,





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