Hearts Snap Open


Hearts Snap Open
After a period of one hundred billion trillion years wandering lost
Lonely in a desert forest three miles too far from where you are going
Constantly entertaining your stinging sinuses still wondering
Is this all to the life Iím living?
For hearts snap open like a jack-in-the-box
Who tucks neatly away when youíve heard enough
Hearts snap open
Like flashes on a cardboard camera that might appear to be plastic
If you havenít already dissected everything
Hearts snap open
Both promising and threatening
So is everything and everybody
But if youíre willing to witness all this sincerely
You will be perched upon a beam of Eternity
And surely, your heart will snap open.


by Stacia Horvath Burton

copyright 2004

"Transition" graphic is by the visionary artist, Willow Arlenea, http://www.designsbywillow.com/






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