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Poets of the Earth

by Terry Toole

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of the greatest rewards

of viewing paintings


the sense of restlessness

that comes from having

one’s ignorance piqued by a

strange vision.

True painting

leaves the viewer

in a state of primal


not confused, but caught


in an enraptured

suspension of thought,

an in-rush of feeling and power

from a world which has suddenly

become too deep,

too multi-layered for

words and ideas to express.

True painting confronts the


with a vision of life

as as on-going mystery.

And forces him to struggle against his own


respones in order to

come to terms with it.

By Terry Toole

(as published in "Poets of the Earth" GrassRoots Jrl, Summer 93)

All Poetry by Terry Toole copyright 1993


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