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Tonya McAdams

Tonya, is a very prolific writer of poetry, and she says her work could fill several volumes.  Well, Tonya we're waiting to see that!!  As yet she has no poetry books in print.   More of her poetry can be found listed at www.poetry.com.

Tonya is also a gifted psychic.  We personally vouch for her high degree of accuracy.  Here's a few words from Tonya about herself.

TONYA BIO:    I have been writing since high school which is where it all started actually.  It's thanks to a wonderful English teacher whose name shall remain unspoken and whose face I can still see clear as if it were yesterday.  I have many poems published in various places online, and am currently working on an ebook collection called Changes Embraced.  The Soulmates poem below was revised into another called Soulflames (or something like that) but the here is the ORIGINAL version.  I'm including this particular poem along with some of my other favorites from more recent years in my ebook.    Although each poem is a favorite, because a part of my soul goes into each poem that I write. 

May the angels bless each of you with the brightest of blessings and the warmest love.     xoxox tonya


Flesh to flesh
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
Mind to mind
Loving together as one
Tis what God intended
It shall not be any other way
For He made me of you
Now He's brought us together
As one
No greater unity is allowed
Two halves of what's
Now a whole
A husband & a wife
In our hearts & souls
A great responsibility
Toward & for one another
To be true & honest
Else we're torn asunder
Is what soulmates are &
What they do.

©Tonya McAdams

 October 10, 2001.


Septemberís Chill


September changes the tide.

Takes the chill & hangs on tight

Has always been harsh

Decisions made in ice

The harsh cold of reality

The harsh cold is September

Full of loss & pain

Loss of my heart

Shattered dreams

Make not this decision

In Septemberís chill

For Septemberís chill

Encases my heart with ice

To numb the pan

Within Septemberís chill.


TonyaMcAdams © Sept 21, 2001

This poem was published by www.famouspoets.com



Tears Wiped Away

Tears flow down
Feel the ache begin to ease
A molten river into
Your heart
Breaks your heart into
As they fall
One tender fingertip
Wipes it away
To a trickle
Then tis over
With a loving touch


Broken Habits

 Some habits easy to break

Some hard

Some damn near impossible

Had my fair share of the easy ones

Had my share of the hard ones

Had one or two damn near impossible ones

Thereís men easy to get rid of

Some who linger

Some who just wonít go away

Some who just pop in and out from time to time

Which are easiest to break?

Those who just persist and become annoying

Oh those are easiest to get over and break

The ones who pop in and out are the damn near impossible

The hard ones are the ones you shared a section of yourself with

But then broke the trust and faith you had in them as a person

Just when you would give up along comes someone

You never thought would be the one

To grab hold and not let go of the heart.

Regrets over broken habits?

A few.


A few.

Break them again to be where am now? 

OH hell  yea.

Copyright Tonya McAdams Jan 11, 2003


Imperfectly Perfect

Tall, dark & handsome?

Hell No

Leave those to the moron factory

Just cause they are tall , dark, & handsome

Doesnít mean much

Left me unimpressed with them.

Itís not the outside package that makes them

Anything special.

Whatís inside is the most important part.

Had tall, dark, & handsome.

Rather take the good wrapped up in the tall, light, & handsome

One with just enough flaws to make them imperfectly perfect

Someone willing to give & take

Share & listen

Cuddle & take responsibilities

Treat you like a lady should be treated

When itís called for.

But man enough to steam the bedroom when itís

Time to touch and feel

Kiss & experiment

Just enough wild side to keep you

Wanting more

Gentle enough to melt your heart

Just human enough to be imperfectly perfect.

Cause God knows Iím far from perfect.

But a heart of gold is hard to find

So when itís found better hang on tight

Cause your worldís gonna go topsy turvy

And the roller coaster begins

Thatís love with the imperfectly perfect mate

Copyright Tonya McAdams 2003


Strong Enough

Someone to hold
Just ainít enough
Someone to share secrets with
Just ainít enough
Somewhere thereís someone
Strong enough to be more than
A leaning post,
More than a secret holder
Somewhere out there
Is a lover, confidant, & friend
Takes a strong strong person to be all of that
And still hang around
Gotta be willing to give and take
Then bounce back and give and take some more.
Just when wann give up see what
Itís like without the one you love by your side
So go another round
Thatís what itís all about
The fire is only a part of it
When itís lasting thereís so much more
To hold it together.
More than just someone to hold
Someone to share with
Someone to cuddle with
Need someone to dream with
Someone strong enough to let you be
The leaning tower sometimes too.
Give their all & expect the same in return
No matter the risks involved.
Tonya McAdams copyright Jan 10, 2003


Always Givin

Always givin all can
Always doin what feel
Needs doing
Don't see it
But take a gander
Neath the layers
See the tears
See the Pain
Just cause take it
All on
Always givin lil
Part what's inside
To those who need
It most
Can't say tis a good
Nor a bad thing
Just is what is done
Bend but doesnt break
This leanin tower seen
By few used by many
Sometimes feel the
Weight bearin down
But buck up and keep goin
Just to give a lil more
when the world falls apart
For tower how and who
To lean on is never in question
For there's always the love and light
Of those gone before to lend a hand
And build back up again
Powers that be
Powers within
Tis the key

By Tonya McAdams,
Copyright May 25, 2003



All works by Tonya McAdams Copyright 2002-2004




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