. . . in the heart

Time goes by, all else changes
but . . still
here you are in my heart.
Do you really wonder why?
So much I feel you are a part of me.
Yes, it IS true . . . I can not separate
you from the beat of this heart.
You are there forever smiling
in everything I do,  in all that I see.
The joy of living that I feel . . .
the beauty I see in the earth,
the moon, the stars, the sky
are only there because of you.
And yes, too . . .
I feel you here beside me
as I strive to be the best
of what I came to be
but when life's drama
overcomes, envelopes me
and my strength fails
I also feel your love holding me
and your voice reassuring,
saying I can do anything .  . .
if only I have faith
and again . . . believe.
I just want to remind you
that I am not a dream
I am still there with you
every step of the way
in every thought and feeling
even when it doesn't seem that way.
And no, it is not a secret
yes, John, I know. . . that all
of this . . . the same you feel for me!
Please do not doubt for my heart
is weak every time I feel your pain!

I always thought it would be easier
if we rode the road together
but I know there are things
you must do on your own
and I do say, 'carry on.'
 But remember YOU ARE more
than just a part of the reason
I've chose to be here . . .
to rise and be birthed into flesh
in THIS life as me.
You are the one who taught me
the meaning of true love.  

By Shirl A. Steward
to my 'soul-twin' JOHN



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