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The Naming of
Healing Waters Press

                    Graphic by artist/friend, Joris Rosse    
         of the Morning Star Center,Hellertown, PA

Hello.  My name is Shirl A. Steward.   First, I wanted to say a few words about the naming of the journal and press.   The name was first suggested to me by a young woman, Stacia Horvath.   In 1993 I met her and her then boyfriend, a young man of native American Lakotan heritage.  He is known as Inila Wakan (meaning Quiet Spirit).    I had a vision that the two of them had been my daughters (twins) in an Atlantian past life.    They both felt sure I was right.  There was also a very strong pull towards native American culture.  This too came from a past life we had shared.
For a while we lost contact but I never lost the dream of starting Healing Waters Press.   You'll see a few poems from both Stacia and Inila in the GrassRoots Journal Section as well as a poem called On Our Way Home which I wrote after an interview with Inila. I also wrote an article, which was later published in the GrassRoots, about Inila, the Lakotan traditions of the sweatlodge and sundance which he was to perform as part of EarthDays 93 Celebration.  They both, obviously, left a very BIG impression upon me.

I found Stacia after a number of years spent tracking her down.  She lives with brand new husband Russ Burton in Wyoming.  It was funny because I had almost given up hope of ever finding her.   One day, though, I happened upon a link to a poem of hers but alas, it was broken.  In hopes of locating her I emailed the owner of the website which was temporarily down.   The next day she called,  we had a joyous reunion and HWP is back on track.   You will see her in these pages, not only as HWP's co-founder and one of its editors, but also as a regular contributor of art and poetry in the Healing Waters Journal.

Our 'vision' for the journal is simply this:  a place for sharing and healing the spirit, heart and soul.    We are looking for people who share our vision of healing the earth starting with the heart.   Please feel free to submit your poems, short stories, and artwork.   I am, myself, a writer of children's literature, books and spiritual poetry.   As part of the process, I will be doing some of my own publications.   It is possible that collections of works might be periodically compiled and offered to the public.   At such time any artist or writer could decline participation.   We also hope that the e-store will be able to offer artwork reprints, greeting cards and other publications.  We hope that by so doing new artists might get an opportunity for exposure and receive both recognition and profit from their works where they might otherwise have gotten overlooked or lost in the shuffle.  
You may make submissions to me:  Shirl A. Steward at either shirl@healingwaterspress.com  or healingwaterspress@comcast.net.   Ask for address when you email.   I am located in Santa Fe, NM.  Further detail on submissions can be found here.

         inside of domed roof shown above


THE VISION:  Healing Waters Institute and Community Center
BUT, the vision goes beyond the journal and a publishing house.   Even ten years before meeting Stachia, my vision for a publishing house included a school which was the center of an artist/creative community made of dome structures.  I ALMOST had funding back in 1993.    I even had a general area picked out in Colorado and a blueprint in my head of interlocking dome structures.   There would have been an Interfaith chapel which I envisioned as a meeting place for all spiritual belief systems.  I looked forward to becoming a interfaith minister (a REAL one who honors and respects all people and their beliefs, not just tolerates them).   The financing fell through . . . but I never lost faith in the vision.   I figured it just wasn't time yet.


If you share such a vision for the school, the community, the publishing house or just the journal, I would LOVE to hear from you.   I KNOW (I am a bit psychic at times) you're out there and you'll find your way to me if it is God's will.  I am looking at the same general area of Colorado or New Mexico near the four corners.    Other suggestions would be considered.
The two photos here are from a domed school build recently in Florida.  I love it being right by a lake . . . that part, anyway, is much like in my vision.   Though my overall design is different.


Vision of  "Artists & Writers Cafe". . . a Co-op Run Coffeehouse and Cafe 

The establishment of a co-operatively run Artists & Writers Cafe goes along with our all inclusive vision which includes a publishing house, a school, and community center.  It would be a very special place and a loving center where people of like mind can meet and feel perfectly at home.   It also is an avenue for poets, artists and entertainers to get their work heard or displayed.  IN FACT, we hope it will BE THE FAVORITE MEETING PLACE for all local writers, artists and entertainers who'll all be able to join the founding organization, The Artists & Writers Alliance of Santa Fe and receive special 'rock bottom' pricing on all offerings of group.   Hopefully, Artists & Writers Cafe will be open all night to cater to the night owl writer wanted to chat with other creatives or use the 'Night Owl Cyber Room'. 

A psychic friend recently gave me a description of what it would look like.  I'll let that description speak for itself.   "As soon as one comes in door to the right is the coffee stuff.  To the left is a wall of shelves with books.  There's an area for a patio setting that will be awesome with pretty bushes and flowers and a small either birdbath or fountain but all the tables have these little umbrellas on them to shield them from the sun while reading. Make sure there are lots and lots of your books available just so people can read while drinking their coffee. I see a gentleman picking up one of your books and have a seat with his coffee cup.   It is definitely a combo thing. . .of different things under ONE roof.  There is an art gallery and gathering room upstairs also.  It's located in a climate that's warm most of the year."   

Itís a coffee shop, bookstore, a meeting place for friends, cyber cafe AND an entertainment spot to view art, hear your favorite folk singer, or poet.   Does that appeal to you other Santa Feans/New Mexicans out there?  (Of course, depending on where we wind up locating the center and the publishing house, etc, it might not be in Santa Fe or even New Mexico!)

If the idea of a co-op coffeehouse appeals to you the way we've described it and you'll like to join in and make it a reality, please contract us at HWP!!!  Also give us your ideas.  If you already have the perfect place that's ready to be transformed into White Wolf Cafe, we'd love to hear from you too!!!.  

I'm not the only one thinking of domes!   (wonderful photo by David South, Jr.)